How Power Factor Correction Devices Can Reduce Your Electricity Costs

Why power factor correction matters

Your electrical system consumes both active and reactive power. While you use mostly active power, which is the “real power” or “working power”, you also get charged for the reactive power you consume.

It is possible to reduce the amount of reactive power your system draws from the grid to decrease your electricity costs. Power factor correction devices generate most of the reactive power used by your electrical system. Investing in these devices can significantly decrease your plant’s electricity costs.

We supply a range of power factor correction devices to help you save on electricity costs.

Difference between power factor (PF) and PFC

Power factor correction capacitor

power factor correction capacitors that are designed for optimum performance and longevity
Alpha Power Solutions supplies high-quality power factor correction capacitors to improve the power factor of your electrical installations and free up capacity on your electrical supply to help you reduce your electricity costs.

How does having a PFC system with a capacitor save me money?

Power factor correction controller

Alpha Power Solutions supplies PFC controllers that optimise the performance of your electrical system, resulting in a reduction in your electricity costs and saving your business money.

Why consider an active harmonic filtration system:

We supply PFC controllers designed to facilitate the on-and-off switching of capacitor banks

Alpha Power’s harmonic filtration filters are available in a passive or active range to best suit your application’s requirements.
At Alpha Power Solutions, we supply reliable and trusted active and passive harmonic filtration systems to assist you in preventing equipment malfunction, shutdown, and premature failure.

How does a harmonic filtration system save me money?

Installing harmonic filters in your business’s electrical system can potentially lead to cost savings in several ways:

Take the first step towards energy efficiency with our harmonic filtration solutions and protect your electrical equipment. Contact us today!

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