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Power Consumption impacts your business’ profitability. Reduce your costs by up to 20% with Power Factor.

Your power utility charges you for your peak power usage (maximum demand). Lower your electricity cost by improving your power factor to lower your power demand.

Now is the right time to implement energy efficiency solutions to reduce the electricity costs incurred by your business.

Power factor correction is one of the low hanging fruits in your quest to reduce electricity costs, as this technology has an extremely short investment payback period.

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How it works

Power Quality Audit

Concrete recommendations and expert estimations aimed at yielding an attractive ROI by improving the power factor of your installations.

Power Factor Correction

Understand your power consumption and power factor constraints to save on your electricity bill and improve profits for your business.

Harmonic Filtration

A silent killer causing malfunction, shutdown and premature failure including lowering your power factor, which raises your electricity costs.

Case Studies

Food industry

Projected total savings in electricity costs in excess of R4,000,000

Food industry

Read the full case study

Motor industry

Monthy savings in electricity costs of R17,500 with a projected ROI of 14.3 months

Motor industry

Read the full case study

Mining industry

Maximum Demand reduced with a monthly reduction in electricity costs of R15,000

Mining industry

Read the full case study

Beverage industry

Installation of active harmonic filters to reduce excessive harmonic levels found in audit

Beverage industry

Read the full case study


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