Power Factor Correction Savings

Power Factor Correction can help you save

Power factor correction savings means your business can focus on its long term profitability

If you have an energy-hungry business with high monthly electrical expenditure, savings through power factor correction, can help your business’s long-term profitability.

Beat the electricity increase

Electricity costs have been noted as one of the top five operational expenditures (OPEX) of most businesses. Meaning it needs to be continually monitored and managed to avoid electrical wastage and, more importantly, loss of overall profitability.

One of the power utility costs charged to businesses is usually called “maximum demand”, which is the highest average power usage in a 30-minute window by an electrical installation, during a particular billing month. By improving the power factor of a plant, it is possible to lower the power demand and reduce the monthly electricity costs.

Energy Saving Solutions

With South African electricity costs expected to double over the next 10 years, and with Eskom announcing their 15% increase affective 1 April 2021, businesses now more than ever need to implement energy efficiency intervention projects in order to contain electricity costs. Alpha Power Solutions can reduce the monthly electricity costs of your business by up to 20%. How? By installing power factor correction equipment. By optimizing the power factor of your installations, we enhance the long-term profitability of your business. 

Power Factor Correction Products

Power factor correction equipment consists of the following key components, in order to perform optimally,

  1. Power Factor Correction Controllers: powerful, intelligent power factor controllers which track and optimise capacitor usage.
  2. Power Factor Correction Capacitors: which generate the reactive power required by an electrical installation.
  3. Harmonic Filters: these components also play a significant role in the overall performance of power factor correction equipment.

What can you expect from PFC equipment supplied by Alpha Power Solutions?

  • Two-year guarantee & our equipment is manufactured in SA and Europe, depending on our clients’ requirements, complying to the strictest safety guidelines.
  • High-quality power capacitors which are safe and have a life expectancy of approximately ten years.
  • Remote monitoring: Alpha Power Solutions can monitor your equipment’s performance remotely, and we also offer regular services and repairs which are cost-effective.
  • Training of your technical personnel to ensure they are fully equipped to maintain the equipment.
  • Assistance throughout the entire sub-Saharan Africa. We have a team who can not only install new equipment but also carry out repairs or upgrades of any make of power factor correction in the region.

Who will benefit?

Power-hungry industries utilising large amounts of electrical power will benefit most from PFC with guaranteed savings in Maximum Demand, Network Access and Reactive Power Consumption charges. We assist various industrial sectors, such as food, milling, metal fabrication, mining, beverage industries and many more. Case studies published on our website give detailed information on costs and savings achieved, such as an aluminium processing factory which had a monthly bill of R595 000.  Through the installation of PFC equipment, we managed to save them R75 000 on a monthly basis. Savings of this magnitude have a massive impact on this customer’s profitability.

Calculate your savings

We have made it easy for you to determine how much you can save without spending a cent. Take a look at our power factor correction calculator, a simple and easy to use calculator that provides accurate estimates of the savings you can achieve by installing our PFC equipment.

Our initial consultation includes our power factor improvement audit, in order to identify the best PFC solution for your business.

Who is Alpha Power Solutions?

As a corporate member of the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC), an associate member of the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa (ECASA) and with a Tier 1 Energy Services Company (ESCo) recognition level with the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), we are in the best position to give you and your business the energy efficiency knowledge and savings you need with our Power Factor Correction equipment. Contact us for any other questions you may have and which we have not covered here

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