Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction is the ratio of real power absorbed by the load to the apparent power flowing in the circuit. Real power is the power actually consumed due to the resistive power load and apparent power is the power that the grid must withstand. Power factor correction equipment can be used within industrial, manufacturing and processing plants.

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What is Power Factor?

Power factor is the ratio between the active power (KW) and the apparent power (KVA) drawn by an electrical installation. It is a measure of how effectively the current drawn by the load is being converted into useful output, and is measured by using a specialised power metering equipment. View the benefits of power factor correction.

What is Power Factor Correction (PFC)?

Power Factor Correction – or PFC – is the process of improving a low power factor present in a power system by installing Power Factor Correction Capacitors and, in so doing, increasing the ratio of active power to apparent power.

PFC can help industrial and commercial electricity users to significantly reduce their energy costs, and free up capacity in the electrical supply for their installations.

When the apparent power is greater than the active power, then the utility provider must supply the excess reactive power and the working power.

Power capacitors act as reactive power generators when connected to an electrical system, to reduce or eliminate the amount of reactive power the electrical system draws from the grid.


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    Investing in PFC equipment

    The pay-back period for investments in well-designed power factor correction systems is usually between 3 and 18 months. Power factor correction equipment of good quality has a life expectancy of at least 10 years. As one of the leading power solutions companies in sub-Saharan Africa, all our power factor correction equipment has a minimum life expectancy of 10 years, with some even exceeding 15 years.

    Electricity costs are among the top 5 operating expenses incurred by most businesses. Making an investment in Power Factor Correction equipment will reduce your operating expenses. With electricity costs estimated to at least double over the next 10 years, this will have an immediate impact on your business’s profitability. You are able to calculate your potential savings by using our simplified Power Factor calculator.

    We assist business by optimising the power factor of their electrical installations, for long-term benefits, profitability and peace of mind!

    For businesses that have reached the maximum of their electrical supply, the average cost of a PFC solution to free up supply capacity is usually 85% more cost-effective than an electrical supply upgrade.

    General PFC benefits

    • Lower electricity bills
    • Reduction in apparent power (also known as maximum demand)
    • Increased system capacity (free up capacity on your supply transformer)
    • Reduced voltage drop on the supply transformer and supply cables
    • Reduced transmission losses

    Benefits of PFC from Alpha Power Solutions

    • Two-year guarantee and our equipment complying to the strictest safety guidelines.
    • High-quality power capacitors which are safe and have a life expectancy of approximately 10 years.
    • Remote monitoring: We can monitor your equipment’s performance remotely, and we also offer regular services and repairs which are cost-effective.
    • Training of your technical personnel to ensure they are fully equipped to maintain the equipment.
    • Assistance throughout sub-Saharan Africa. We have a team who not only install new power factor correction systems but also carry out repairs or upgrades of any brand of power factor correction equipment in the region.

    Industries that Benefit

    AbattoirDairy products processingPaper & cardboard manufacturing
    BakeryData centrePaper & cardboard printing
    Brewery & cooldrink bottlerDistribution centrePaper mill (modern & traditional)
    Brick manufacturingFood processing plantPharmaceuticals manufacturing
    Cable manufacturingMetal fabricationPlastic recycling
    Cement product manufacturingMetal recyclingPlastics product manufacturing
    Chemical industryMilling (flour, animal feeds, etc)Saw milling and wood processing
    Chicken farming (industrial)Mineral processingStore retail (large)
    Cold storagePackaging manufacturing (metal)Tobacco product manufacturing
    Manufacturing (components & parts)Packaging manufacturing (paper & plastic)Warehousing (large)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In most instances, power factor correction is the process of improving a lagging power factor, by generating reactive power on-site. This is done by energising capacitors in a controlled fashion and, as a result, the power factor of an electrical installation is improved as close to unity as possible.

    PFC improves the power factor of an electrical installation and, as a result, it reduces the load drawn from the electrical supply, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing electricity costs.

    There are 3 main options to improve the power factor of your business – capacitor banks, synchronous motors, and static var generators. Alpha power solutions is a power solutions company and we always offer the most effective cost/benefit solution to improve our clients’ power factor, ultimately reducing power costs.

    A low power factor results in excessive electrical power consumption and demand as well as excessive heat losses and elevated electricity costs, to name but a few of the adverse effects.

    Our Guarantee

    With over 30 years of experience in providing reliable and affordable power factor correction equipment and solutions in South Africa, Alpha Power Solutions, a power factor correction company, can guarantee immediate power factor improvement and associated savings (with a notable reduction of between 20% to 50% on your power demand). This results in a significant reduction in your monthly electricity bills.

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    Our power factor correction equipment lasts a minimum of 10 years. Contact us for more information.
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