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What does a Power Factor Correction Capacitor do?

Alpha Power Solutions supplies power factor correction capacitors that are designed for optimum performance and longevity. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information to assist you with the selection of power factor equipment to suit your requirements.

Power factor correction capacitors have no moving parts but are sensitive to elevated ambient temperatures. Optimal ventilation and regular cleaning of the capacitors are crucial to ensure optimal performance.

Power factor correction ensures that plant electrical equipment effectively converts electrical currents supplied by your power utility. This frees up capacity on the electrical supply of industrial and commercial plants and results in savings in electricity costs.

Capacitors supplied by Alpha Power Solutions have the following features:

  • Large flexibility in terms of electrical connections (available space for the electrical connections and retrofitting into existing installations).
  • Single phase capacitors offer the best heat dissipation characteristics and in the event of a failure, affect the performance of the affected capacitor bank to a lesser extent.
  • Modular three phase capacitors have been designed for quick and easy assembly into bank arrangements.
  • IP 40 aluminium casings allow optimum heat dissipation and the terminal block is manufactured from self-extinguishing insulation material.
  • Our capacitors comply with: CEI 33-5/670, CEI EN 60 831 1 & 2, UL 810, and IEC 831-1-2. Compliance with these standards ensures that quality is guaranteed

We offer power factor correction capacitor assessment!

We offer our clients the option to monitor their PFC equipment (as well as associated capacitors) remotely. We also offer Power Factor Correction Equipment maintenance & service packages, and provide training to your maintenance personnel.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Power Factor Correction Capacitors generate (most of) the reactive power consumed by your electrical installation. With Alpha Power Solutions’ help, you can save up to 20% on your plant’s electricity bill.

    There are two types of Power Factor Correction Capacitor banks: Fixed and Automatic. Automatic capacitor banks are also known as switched capacitor banks. They vary the amount of correction (kVAr) supplied to an electrical system, while fixed capacitors supply a constant amount of reactive compensation. Automatic capacitor banks are switched off and on by a microprocessor controller based on the plant electrical load at any given time. Automatic capacitor banks are installed at the main incoming power source, while fixed capacitors are generally installed at individual motor loads throughout a plant.

    Alpha Power Solutions has a calculator that will help you determine the reactive power requirements (kVAr rating of the capacitors) for your application. Our power factor correction calculator can be found here. Alternatively, contact us for a detailed assessment and accurate cost/benefit analysis.

    Our equipment lasts a minimum of 10 years. Contact us for more on power correction capacitors. Call 010 040 3132

    I want to reduce my power/electricity cost

    Tailor made solutions to help you reduce electricity costs by up to 20%, call now or use the form to send us your requirements.


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