Power Factor Correction Capacitor

Power Factor correction ensures that plant electrical equipment effectively converts electrical currents supplied by your power utility, allowing for additional power loads, Power Factor correction can increase commercial systems capacity.

A Power Factor Correction (PFC) Capacitor connects to a motor’s circuit.

The motor current in the motor circuit is made up of two parts, the load current which is always zero given that the motor is spinning with no load. The second component is the magnetizing current which launches the magnetic field which enables the motor to spin. This magnetizing current is constant and does not increase or decrease in relation to the load.

Alpha Power Solutions supply Power Factor Capacitors designed for performance and longevity. It is our goal to provide you with all the necessary information to assist you with the selection of power factor correction equipment which will suit your current and future requirements.

Power Factor Capacitor Maintenance is crucial to ensuring optimal performance of an electrical circuit.

Alpha Power Solutions can offer your organisation the following benefits:

Power Factor Correction Capacitor Repairs need to be conducted on a regular basis to warrant maximum efficiency of a Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit. Alpha Power Solutions ensures that you receive expert advice to enable your operations to take advantage of optimal power factor correction and maximum demand reduction.