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A high-end power factor correction controller can significantly reduce your monthly electricity costs.

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Alpha Power Solutions offers intelligent Power Factor Controllers for optimal performance.

We track the number of times each capacitor bank is switched on and off as well as the total duration that each capacitor bank has been energised. This information is used to determine which bank will be energised or de-energised, resulting in an even wear of the complete power factor correction installation. The controller displays the following information:

  • Power Factor
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Active Power
  • Reactive Power
  • Apparent Power
  • Individual & total harmonic distortion (voltage and current)
  • PFC Cabinet Ambient Temperature
  • Alarms present in the system


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    For businesses that have reached the maximum of their electrical supply, the average cost of a PFC solution to free up supply capacity is usually 85% more cost-effective than an electrical supply upgrade.

    Features & functions of power factor correction controllers

    How do I calculate my power factor correction requirements?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Power capacitors offset the effects of inductive loads, which contribute to reactive power consumption. When removing or adding capacitors in response to varying load conditions, a power factor correction controller (capacitor controller) helps to maintain a near-unity power factor.

    Harmonics are undesirable distortions in the voltage or current waveforms that are generated by certain types of loads. Harmonic filtering contributes to the maintenance of a cleaner power supply as well as improving the overall quality of the electrical system.

    A Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller manages the performance and protection of a PFC system.

    Based on the current and voltage feedback received by the controller, the controller actively manages the various capacitor banks at its disposal in order to achieve the desired power factor.

    Power factor correction is the process of compensating for a lagging current by creating a leading current by connecting capacitors to the supply so that the power factor is adjusted to be as close to unity as possible.

    Note, this calculator is for businesses with minimum monthly electricity costs of R30 000.

    Power factor correction controllers supplied and installed by Alpha Power Solutions optimise the performance of your PFC equipment and, as a result, reduce your electricity costs, saving your business money. Contact us today by filling out the enquiry form and we will contact you.

    I want to reduce my power/electricity costs

    Tailor-made solutions to help you reduce electricity costs by up to 20%. Call now or use the enquiry form to send us your requirements.


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