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Improve the performance and life expectancy of electrical equipment 

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The quality of electrical power in South Africa has been deteriorating over the years for a number of reasons, mainly due to the deteriorating condition of the distribution infrastructure, the intermittent generation of power from renewable energy and the use of large non-linear loads such as VSDs and soft starters.

In recent years. we have seen a significant increase in power quality events surge as voltage surges and dips as well as elevated harmonic levels which can have a devastating impact on the performance of electrical and electronic equipment.

We offer solutions to mitigate these power quality events and as a result, improve the performance and life expectancy of electrical equipment subjected to these events.

In order to determine the right solution for a particular site, we first install sophisticated high-speed logging equipment at strategic points in the plant and record key parameters over a number of days.

Once we have identified the power quality issues, we offer a turnkey solution, with guaranteed results.


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