Benefit your business with a PFC unit

Benefit your business with a Power Factor Correction unit

PFC is often misunderstood, so too are the benefits that come along with it. Learn how a power factor correction unit can benefit your business for the better.

Businesses are now being introduced to new uncertainties & problems, ultimately resulting in a decrease of productivity and profit.

A low power factor of your plant is inefficient and expensive. To top it off – municipalities charge for excessive reactive power consumed.

Costs aside, you will also feel the knock of a low power factor affecting the loss of capacity of your electrical system. In a nutshell, your productivity will suffer while your costs skyrocket. All leading to a loss of production & steeper electricity bills.

Thankfully, there is a way to reduce these costs and increase your system’s efficiency.

Decreasing costs & upping efficiency with Power Factor Correction

Although, Power Factor Correction has only become a hot topic recently, since there is talk of fines to be introduced soon for poor power factors, Power Factor Correction is not a new term. In fact, it dates back to the early 19th century.

Through the installation of PFC equipment, the power factor of your overall power system can be improved.

By improving your power factor through a Power Factor Correction unit, you can lower your demand charge, which will lead to a reduction in your electricity bill.

How we can help you optimise for profitability & long-term benefits

At Alpha Power Solutions, we understand how important peace of mind can be when you’re focusing on core business functions. That’s why for over 35 years we have been providing affordable Power Factor Correction equipment and repairs.

We are committed to reducing your electricity costs and increasing business efficiency. Along with providing reliable and affordable Power Factor Correction solutions, we offer:

  • A 2-year guarantee on new equipment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Rent-to-purchase options
  • Training
  • Aluminum-housed Power Factor Capacitors

We can guarantee immediate power factor improvement as well as upfront savings with a reduction of between 20% – 50% on your power demand. More-over, the average cost of power factor improvement is generally 85% cheaper than an electrical supply upgrade.

Get in touch for a free inspection today

We will evaluate your power factor correction requirements and calculate the estimated return on investment.

Remember that the addition of power factor correction aides in reducing losses in the supply, because it will reduce the current drawn from the supply.

Our power factor correction units and equipment will demonstrate proven ROI and increase your business efficiency, all while rolling back your monthly electricity costs.

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