Power Factor Improvement

Wondering how you can reduce your electricity costs?

You might be wondering how to reduce your electricity costs, but you should actually be asking how to increase your power factor in your operation to start saving money.

Let’s first consider what power factor correction is. Power factor correction (PFC) is the process of improving a low power factor present on a power system by means of installing power factor correction capacitors and, in so doing, increase the ratio of active power to apparent power.

Why should you improve the power factor of your installations?

Lower utility fees

  • When the power factor of your installations is optimised, your utility cots will come down. You could easily save up to 20% of your monthly electricity bill by improving your power factor. Not only will your bill be lower but your electricity usage will also be lower. You can calculate how much your business will save using our calculator.

Increased capacity

  • Low power factor leads to over-loaded electrical distribution systems. And who wouldn’t want more efficient systems that can handle a higher workload as well?

Increased voltage level

  • A higher power factor means reduced voltage drops on the supply transformer and supply cables, which can make electric motors run more efficiently.

Reduced carbon footprint

  • Power factor correction (PFC) reduces the total current drawn from an electrical distribution network (which affects systems such as the power stations, distribution grid and supply transformers). Power factor correction (PFC) equipment reduces heat or transmission losses incurred on these systems and therefore has a positive impact on your carbon footprint.

Ways to increase your power factor

  • Install capacitors directly onto your large electric motors
  • Capacitors decrease the amount of reactive power drawn by a motor, thereby increasing its power factor. Basically, the capacitor acts as a reactive power generator, which the motor uses to create the magnetic field it requires, and this increases the power factor of the motor.
  • Install a power factor correction (PFC) panel
  • There are many benefits to installing a power factor correction (PFC) device such as:
  • Ensuring that electrical equipment effectively converts electrical power supplied by your power utility;
  • Reducing your organisation’s utility expenses
  • Increasing electrical system capacity
  • Reducing transmission losses.

Some of the industries that are most likely to benefit from power factor correction (PFC) include industries where motors are operated at less than full load (cyclical processes) like saw mills; industries using machine tools, stamping machines, welders, compressors; foundries; bottling plants; refrigeration plants; and grocery stores.

Alpha Power Solutions offers obligation-free, complementary, energy audit report. We can give you expert advice to give you optimal power factor correction (PFC) and maximum demand reduction.

Need more proof? Have a look at our case studies of how power factor correction (PFC) helped companies improve their power factor. We are able to assist with the professional installation of power factor correction (PFC) equipment and we also offer a calculator so you can work out what your power factor correction (PFC) requirements and your potential savings are.

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