With literally 100’s of different tariffs and South African electricity price hikes, we investigated just how much you can save on a monthly basis to optimise your operations while improving your power factor. Our power factor correction calculator works simply where you enter your information and kVa rate to determine your potential monthly savings.

With the municipal hikes this year, operations managers need to take their budgets into account.

Alpha Power Solutions can calculate your monthly savings in maximum demand cost (R/kVA) through a power factor correction intervention, in order for you to improve the profitability of your business while beating inflation. All you need to do is book your free power factor correction inspection.

How much can you actually save by correcting your power factor?

The true advantage of power factor correction lies in tangible business results that can be measured in Rand and cents. Here 3 extracts from some of our recent case studies, which include;

  1. reductions in maximum demand
  2. increasing production
  3. maximising supply transformer capacity

Namibian Breweries: The installation of five power factor correction panels on their site resulted in a significant reduction of their maximum demand by 400 kVA.

Erasmus Poultry: The fitment of a power factor correction system to the company’s 100 kVA supply transformer freed up a significant additional electrical capacity on the transformer. This in turn made it possible for the owner to build two additional chicken coops and boost their production by 40%.

Enterprise Foods: Their maximum demand was decreased by an average of 17.4% per month, merely via the installation of 2 power factor correction panels.

A client that still continues to reap major benefits a few years down the line – is Bestaf Granite. The power factor correction system that Alpha Power Solutions installed enabled the company to maximise their supply transformer’s capacity and reduce their maximum demand by 45%.

There are a multitude of other businesses that can also attest to the advantages of an optimal power factor, too many to mention here.

A City Power monthly savings calculation.

To create a baseline for its power factor calculator, Alpha Power Solutions offers 2 frameworks to input your data. This will enable you to calculate your power factor requirements as well as your potential monthly savings based on the maximum demand tariff applicable to you.

Below is an illustration of estimated monthly savings, using apparent power data. You can also calculate the savings using the current, voltage and power factor information of your operations. Both options are calculated under maximum load conditions.

Estimated monthly savings (based on City Power rate of R171.90/kVA as of the 1st of July 2016)

  • Apparent Power @max load 485kVA
  • Voltage 402V
  • PF @max load 0.75
  • Target power factor (after power factor correction) 0.99
  • System voltage 415V

This means that your plant draws under peak load conditions 363.8kW of Active Power and 284.6 kVAr or Reactive Power. The expected reduction in Apparent Power or Maximum Demand, due to a power factor correction intervention is 24.2%.

In terms of monthly savings, as a result of the power factor correction intervention, is in this example R20,211/month. To quickly calculate how much your business could save, simply click here to make use of our power factor calculator.

How to improve your power factor correction and start saving.

Alpha Power Solutions offers obligation-free, complementary, power factor correction audits. This includes a comprehensive report that interprets your current power factor and offers recommendations and turnkey proposal for correcting it.

It also demonstrates the potential savings and the timeframe for yielding your ROI which is typically between 6 and 18 months. Feel free to contact us to arrange a power factor correction audit.