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Keeping South Africans employed with Power Factor Correction Savings

Alpha Power Solutions delivers a positive impact on your business with power factor corrections savings. Remain sustainable & invest in PFC equipment today.

How can your business save, in financially turbulent times?

As consumers and businesses, we need to do everything possible to be sustainable. But where can we cut back, and how can we save?

As a business, firstly we always look at our overheads and operational costs. Electricity is one of the highest monthly costs for most businesses. Why not look at reducing one of your biggest expenses?

How do I know if we will benefit?

We provide a free site inspection which provides a more detailed analysis of your electrical installations. Our experts then meet with you to go through the findings.

An example of savings that you can benefit from, if you were a chemical manufacturing and distribution company, with a payback period of 17 months:

  1. Average electricity bill R 15,000
  2. Required PFC investment R 259,615
  3. Net Benefit for your business R 3,115,384

What could your business do in terms of sustainability with over 3 million in savings?

Another example, if you were an industrial manufacturing supplier in engineering, also with a 17-month payback period:

  1. Average electricity bill R 30,000
  2. Required PFC investment R 519,230
  3. Net Benefit for your business R 6,230,769

That is a whopping 6+ million that goes back into your business instead of the utility supplier. Now think of that when you think sustainability.

Can we save on electricity?

Relying on electricity for optimal business performance means we rely on sufficient power supply. With load shedding set to stay and the electricity increase is kicking in, is it possible to save on electricity?

The answer is yes, you can. How does a reduction in costs by 20% sound to you? Through power factor solutions, you can save.

Power Factor Correction savings is a long-term solution for your business. To date, we have assisted 2 902 clients with a total saving of R1, 800, 999, 820 and counting.

Why not ask us, the experts in Power Factor Correction & harmonic filtration, how we can make a difference to your business’ sustainability?

What is power factor?

Power factor is the measure of how effectively your electrical equipment converts electric current (supplied by our power utility).

Through an investment of power factor correction (PFC) there is a significant reduction in your operating costs.

Power factor correction is the process of improving a low power factor present on a power system. By installing power factor correction capacitors and increasing the ratio of active power to apparent power you make immediate monthly savings.

Why line the pockets of our power utility with wasted electricity usage and expense?

The reduction in your electricity costs is one of the biggest and most significant savings your business can take advantage of. Think of these savings in terms of your employees’ monthly salaries and keeping your business going.

What do you need to ask us about and what is PFC?

Often investing more money, when you are trying to save, is not always front-of-mind. However, your initial investment will ensure a better long term financial future. With this in mind, we have created a simple and effective way to determine how much you can save with a Power Factor Correction calculator. Let us look at:

  1. Who can use PFC?
  2. How it works
  3. Contact us

Our team of engineers often get asked by clients how they will know if investing in PFC will benefit their business.

  1. Who can use PFC?

You will benefit from power factor correction if the nature of your business is one in which utilizes large amounts of power, required to drive electric motors.

Examples of such industries include a mill or bottling/plastic manufacturer, data centers and more. If your plant/operation uses a significant number of magnetic loads such as motors, transformers, and magnets, and you are being billed for your electrical maximum demand, you will benefit.

  • How does it work?

The PFC calculator provides you with an accurate savings estimator indicating your power factor correction savings. Additionally, the calculator provides you with what your requirements are and how your business can benefit from optimal energy efficiency and savings on electricity costs.

Check it out and see for yourself! Should you have further questions or queries, our experienced and knowledgeable engineers are on hand to further assist you.

  • Contact us today

The advantages of power factor correction will provide your business with immediate savings meaning you can focus on sales and financial growth and keep your staff employed.

Alpha Power Solutions has 30 years of experience within this field; the first step is always to contact us and discuss your requirements. Our energy audits guarantee monthly savings are achieved through PFC.

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