Perfecting Power Factor Correction

Ongoing concerns around the reliability, affordability and long-term practicality of current sources of energy and powering systems, have put “the energy question” on front pages and social media newsfeeds across the nation. The secondary questions to that energy riddle are; What is power factor and what is power factor correction?

Efforts towards smarter energy management have a significant role to play in continually teaching the ordinary citizen and businessmen and women-alike, who place great focus on reaching the businesses goals for every fiscal year, ways to optimize their productivity, in the most efficient way, at the least expensive costs.

Learning more about energy solutions like power factor correction; that can help industries reach targets and service their clients more efficiently, while saving on costs in the long run is an absolute WIN.

Power factor; which is the measure of how effectively your electrical equipment converts electric current (supplied by your power utility) into useful power output, forces one to understand the difference between a high power factor, and one that is operating at a level that sits lower than unity (100%), and what the pitfalls of not having this inefficiency corrected may lead to, as opposed to installing a power saving device and reaping long term benefits of power factor correction.

The power factor correction products are also commonly known as power saving devices. They can be connected to the main system of most electrical supplies (most effective ROIs found in commercial and industrial environments) and they will help improve the power factor of these installations, resulting in lower utility bills at the end of each month.

At Alpha Power Solutions, our range of power factor correction products come quality approved to fit a variety of applications and we hold over 30 years’ experience in power factor correction and harmonic filtration, so any customer who makes use of our services is guaranteed the best value-for-investment outcomes, always.

Whether you are starting out on your quest to more efficient energy use with an energy audit, or in need of a routine inspection of your existing power factor correction equipment, or maybe your business is looking to sign into an on-going maintenance contract for your equipment’s’ upkeep, our Alpha Power Solutions team will ensure that any need is covered. Taking the step to install an efficiency solution like ours to your power system could bring about the following benefits of power factor correction:

  • Reduced demand charges on your electrical system.
  • Increased load carrying capabilities in existing connections.
  • Reduced powersystem loses overall.

As the new year approaches and individuals and businesses alike look to set goals and perfect their power consumption, the issue of power factor correction lies in understanding that; “The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action. – Andre Godin”. Right now, is the perfect time to ask “How?”.

Contact us to assist with your energy expectations.

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