Energy Audit

With over 30 years’ experience as an energy auditor, Alpha Power Solutions ensures that you receive expert advice to enable your operations to take advantage of optimal power factor correction and maximum demand reduction.

An energy audit is an assessment of a company’s overall energy usage.

Energy audit reports are important because they assist in identifying and measuring areas of energy wastage throughout the organisation’s activities.

Energy audits are crucial to companies looking into saving electricity, by providing comprehensive energy usage analysis and systematic approaches that will lead to efficient energy savings. It is very important that an energy auditor works closely with the client throughout the energy auditing journey to achieve sustainable improvement for the organisation.

Commercial energy audits and industrial energy audits are targeted at improving a company’s wastage by 25% to 50% within 4 years. These results are only possible when the energy auditor is qualified and has years of experience to match.

Alpha Power Solutions Provides:

  • Concrete recommendations and expert estimations by using state of the art test equipment for your energy audit, aimed at yielding an attractive ROI by improving the power factor of your installations.
  • A combination of findings from both the visual inspection and data gathered through recording key parameters, with our sophisticated test equipment, for a detailed analysis and electrical energy audit report.

Our high-end data logging equipment typically records the following key electrical parameters:

  • Line and phase voltage
  • Phase and neutral current
  • Power factor
  • Apparent, Reactive and Active Power
  • Current harmonics (up to the 50th harmonic)
  • Voltage harmonics (up to the 50th harmonic)
  • Any power quality event which falls outside the European Standards for power quality

Our power audit, which is used to analyse and troubleshoot problematic LV networks, addresses the shortcomings identified in your electrical installations, ensuring you get the best ROI for the corrective actions identified.

Contact Alpha Power Solutions today to discuss your energy audit requirements and obtain estimated Power Factor Correction investment requirements as well as associated monthly savings in electricity costs through Maximum Demand reduction.