Increase Energy Efficiency, Resolving Electrical Supply Constraints

Increasing your energy efficiency in this modern economy can be tough, especially when electrical supply constraints are a factor to be considered.

By implementing the following steps, your company can experience increased efficiency while resolving electrical supply constraints:

  • Step 1 – Energy Audit
  • Step 2 – Electrical Inspection
  • Step 3 – Power Factor Correction Equipment Installation
  • Step 4 – Monitoring Performance
  • Step 5 – Maintenance and Repairs 

By correctly managing your electrical infrastructure, overall operating costs can decrease, allowing management to experience a rise in net profits.

Having your site running at an optimised capacity, with a high rate of production, can cause less strain on the South African electrical grid.

Energy Audit

Alpha Power Solutions conducts a complimentary assessment of your electrical installations, measuring areas of energy wastage throughout your organization’s activities. Giving expert recommendations with a detailed cost/benefit analysis.

Electrical Inspection

An inspection is critical, as the evaluation can reveal what equipment is required to get the best results, tailored to your business.

The inspection enables our experts to give an accurate estimation of the Return on Investment (ROI) your company can achieve, from a well-engineered power factor correction intervention.

Equipment Installation

Having the right technology installed improves the power factor of an electrical installation. This way factories and industrial & commercial enterprises are enabled to operate at a higher electrical efficiency level while reducing overall costs of operation.

Incorporating Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment into your business is an investment that is guaranteed to generate an ROI.

What exactly is Power Factor Correction?

Power Factor is a measurement of the effectiveness of electrical power consumed by electrical equipment.

PFC equipment leads to reduced wastage as it generates the reactive power used by electrical equipment. Ultimately this means that the utility no longer supplies that portion of the energy used.

There are several benefits of installing PFC equipment in your business, such as:

  • Improved competitiveness
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Reduced Voltage Drop
  • Reduced Transmission Losses
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Lower electrical demand
  • Freeing up electrical supply capacity

With ever-increasing electricity costs, companies are forced to look at solutions to reduce the amount of electricity required per unit produced to have a positive impact on their operating expenses.

Post a PFC installation; the next step is to ensure that it remains operational at all times. Always ensure that you have regular maintenance and performance monitoring in place.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of power factor correction equipment can be done through remote metering. This option sends technical personnel an SMS/email when there is any deviation from the optimal power factor of an electrical installation.

Electronic communication allows them to take the proper corrective action without expensive delays.

Maintenance & Repair

Regular maintenance and servicing of PFC equipment are essential for savings to accrue and to achieve a consistent return on investment. Alpha Power solutions can train and empower your staff with the correct repair and maintenance procedures.

Remember, it is imperative to ensure the Power Factor Correction equipment is working optimally and in good condition.

An alternative is to make use of Alpha Power Solutions’ technicians, at agreed intervals (typically every 6 months), to carry out expert PFC equipment servicing. Then we are helping you, through a combination of innovation, technological expertise, and superior quality, to address your power factor correction requirements.

With over 30 years’ experience in power factor correction and harmonic filtration, we offer tailor-made energy saving solutions across industrial and commercial plant operations. Contact Alpha Power Solutions to resolve electrical supply constraints while increasing your energy efficiency and reducing your electricity costs.

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