What is the Power factor correction cost for your business?

Invest in your business. A power factor correction system means long term savings & sustainability. Make the right decision today & invest in PFC. 

We all know it and can all agree that Eskom is unreliable. It’s a fact! Now is the right time to implement energy efficiency solutions to reduce the electricity costs incurred by your business.  

Power factor correction is one of the low hanging fruits in your quest to reduce electricity costs as this technology has an extremely short investment payback period. 

Alpha Power Solutions is here to help your business save

The total savings to our clients is currently R1 809 903 040, which results is a total of 2,911 delighted clients. The 9.6% electricity tariff was implemented by Eskom in April this year. If your business is feeling the pinch, chat to us and let us add you to our tally of satisfied clients.  

Plan effectively as we know further increases are around the corner! Invest in a more sustainable solution that guarantees better operations and financial growth for your business. 

It is a known fact that successful companies usually keep adding equipment to their plants to meet ever-increasing customer demands. Eventually, the limit of their electrical supply will be met, which results in two choices. 

  • Costly upgrade of their electrical supply and distribution system  
  • Active load shedding within the business (switching some machines off when others are in operation, depending on production requirements), which is not sustainable 

Instead, invest in a well-designed power factor correction system, which will reduce the power draw from your electrical supply! We have helped numerous companies facing electrical supply constraints, saving tens of millions of Rands in the process. 

The cost of PFC to a business 

Last year we assisted a manufacturing client in Krugersdorp who requested our assistance to reduce their monthly electricity costs with a power factor correction solution.  

Following a detailed audit and analysis of the client’s electrical load profile, we provided them with an accurate and affordable power factor correction cost, including installation. 

The reduced power usage due to the PFC intervention resulted in significant monthly savings and as a result, the investment made by the client has a 13.5-month payback period. The total net benefit for the customer over the next ten years is more than R4 million

Can PFC help privately owned homes? 

Don’t be fooled into thinking Power Factor Correction can help privately owned homes. Some scammers are giving PFC technology and PFC services a bad name by offering this technology to home owners. Our typical clients have a minimum monthly electricity spend of R30 000 but only within a business setting. 

 Power factor correction is a highly specialised technology that requires specialised knowledge and sophisticated test equipment.  

Alpha Power Solutions is here to advise, educate and assist businesses in becoming more energy efficient. 

Steps to long-term saving with PFC

Are you a medium to a large company that uses large amounts of power? If you answer yes, we can help your business with the savings and profitability you deserve. 

  • Contact our team via telephone or email  
  • Set up a no-obligation free site inspection 
  • Full analysis and carried out by our team audit 
  • Consultation and recommendations
  • Implementation and investment

Become more energy-efficient and determine how much you could save!  

It’s quick and easy. Use our detailed formulated calculator designed by Alpha Power Solutions to determine the potential savings for your industry. 

We are here to guide energy-intensive businesses to reduce their electricity costs and ensure a positive impact on the grid, which is currently under severe pressure. With a free consultation and site inspection, let us help you determine your power factor correction cost.  

Alpha Power Solutions values all our clients and suppliers 

We are committed to providing excellent customer service with skilled experts. Our power factor correction calculator is unique and exceptionally accurate. We continue to be known as the leading Power Factor Correction specialists in South Africa and Southern Africa. 

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