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quick 3 step process using our PFC calculator provides long term profitability and immediate savings. Let 2022 be your year of financial growth.

Recent figures released by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) show that far from gradually stabilising or easing, incidents of load shedding have skyrocketed over the past 15 years.

South Africa has seen a 1,300% increase in loadshedding reported BusinessTech. It has been 14yrs of this inconvenience not a milestone worth celebrating. 

Who is to blame? 

Everyone is pointing fingers at Eskom, and yes, they are to blame for mismanagement, but the municipalities are also in the firing line with some owing Eskom billions in outstanding debts. Businesses large and small need to take back control and seek alternative energy-saving solutions. 

Eric Solot managing director comments on the matter, “With ever increasing electricity tariffs, it is about time businesses fight back and reduce their reliance on these failed entities to provide them reliably with electricity at competitive pricing. One of the quickest ways to do this is, is with a power factor correction intervention, which can reduce electricity bills by as much as 25%”

A simple & yet effective assessment done online through our PFC calculator will determine how you can save monthly. The algorithm has been carefully planned & designed with a 10% room for error. 

Try it today, supply us with three simple answers & you are guaranteed a long term

affordable solution for your business.

 Step 1: Monthly electricity spend

Step 2: Who bills you monthly

Step 3: What industry are you in 

Loadshedding has resulted in operational disruptions

Eskom has let us down continuously. South African businesses need to adapt & evaluate their power needs. Companies can no longer plan as unexpected cuts mean delays & interrupted production. 

Power-hungry industries can benefit from PFC. Optimise the energy your company consumes by improving electricity efficiency. The outcome is positive with not only reduced electricity usage but will also free up capacity on the grid and assist Eskom by reducing our electricity consumption.

Our product offering includes sophisticated energy efficiency equipment required to provide our clients with solutions that meet their specific requirements & provide optimal savings. We guarantee an ROI (Return on Investment) & reasonable payback periods. 

Monthly electricity costs within your business can be a limiting factor in expansion & growth. However, it does not need to be. The PFC calculator can provide you with the figures, allowing you to plan long term. 

PFC significantly reduces your monthly electricity costs through a carefully designed PFC intervention. Power Factor Correction is a specialised field & we work with a variety of industries. A free consultation could be the start of a successful partnership with us. 


If your business faces electrical supply constraints, you will benefit from PFC. There is a misconception that power factor correction only benefits large, energy-hungry businesses. If you have a monthly bill of R30 000 or more, we can help you. 

 Under certain circumstances, smaller businesses can also benefit from a PFC solution. We recently installed a 50 kVAr PFC panel at an animal feed processing company, and the investment required by this customer has a projected payback period of 15.5 months.

Like our customers, you can increase your business’s productivity & operations with a PFC investment. The long-term benefits include: 

  • Additional production equipment that can be added to your plant or factory
  • A reduction in the maximum demand charges incurred by the business

Get the results to thrive with a higher turnover & associated gross profit. The payback period differs for each company but can be short as 3 months, with the maximum being 36 months!

Let 2022 be the year for a more sustainable and greener solution for your business.

We do not want another 14yrs of loadshedding, energy efficiency is a reality. Let Alpha Power Solutions help you understand PFC & how it can benefit your business. 

Start by utilising our PFC calculator, determine your savings, and let us work together for your company’s growth. A power factor calculator is the first step in a long-term affordable solution. Get started today. 

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