The Power Factor Correction cost to your business

Understanding the benefits of a Power Correction Cost to your business

The direct power factor correction cost can be significant, but the long-term benefit is immediate. Run your business efficiently at an operational level.

Understanding the concept of Power Factor Correction is not easy, especially for people who do not have an electrical background.  

When we consult with new customers, we, therefore, focus mostly on the guaranteed savings they will achieve which can be as much as 20% of their monthly electrical expenditure. This saving percentage is all you need to know. Let us worry about the technicalities, and you worry about the long-term benefits and savings.

Our goal is to design the ideal power factor correction equipment that will suit your current and future requirements.

The South African grid will continue to worsen over time, and we will have further electrical power issues. Getting your business energy efficient is vital.

Why choose Alpha Power Solutions experts to help you become more energy efficient? 

  • Technical Knowledge and sophisticated test equipment

Our engineers are highly skilled, and our equipment is world-class. We can identify and qualify the power quality issues being experienced at a particular site and then determine the right solution.

  • Focused on providing you with the best result

Our goal is to find the least possible investment required to achieve the best outcome for a particular power quality problem.

  • Detailed reporting

When our findings are that problems experienced on-site cannot be attributed to power quality events, we inform our clients accordingly. A detailed energy audit is provided clearly outlining our findings and the solutions moving forward, where applicable.  

Would you like to put money back into your business instead of paying for the non-delivery of a service?

The term “getting off the grid” is commonly used today as South Africa continues to deal with the power supply issues, which we are experiencing daily. What does it mean to get off the grid, and how do businesses do it?

“Most businesses size their solar systems to produce 90% of their needs, and it is likely that when they need power from the grid (the missing 10%), they will need to do this all at the same time.  The grid will not be able to handle this load surge and massive load shedding will have to occur” explains Eric, owner of Alpha Powers Solutions.

Investing in solar is costly, but the more ‘greener’, more sustainable option, with long-term advantages.

Did you know that Power Factor Correction is one such technology that, when installed in conjunction with solar power, can reduce your overall investment? 

Let Alpha Power Solutions explain the advantages and an overview of a power factor correction cost so companies can make smart power choices now!

Advantages of PFC to your business

Combining PFC equipment with solar installations means you can have the best of both worlds. In effect, you utilise a smaller solar system, reduce your solar investment and get an even better ROI.

Businesses that are smart with their energy consumption will now reap significant rewards in the future.

Lower the strain on the grid by installing Power Factor Correction equipment at your power-hungry business for GUARANTEED savings!

Equipment maintenance & safety

There are few moving parts in a PFC system, but basic maintenance at regular intervals is required to ensure the equipment achieves the electrical savings it is designed to deliver. We promise to provide a minimum life expectancy of 10 years!

High-end, SABS-approved voltage surge and lightning protection equipment is vital within your factory or plant. Protecting your electrical and electronic equipment from the destructive effects of these power quality events, which are happening regularly, is crucial.

“It may be a grudge purchase/investment with an uncertain return on investment, but more and more insurance companies insist on this type of equipment being fitted for them to honour claims related to voltage anomalies,” explains Eric Solot.

Long-term savings & profitability

Our power factor correction savings to customers have been in the billions since we established ourselves in South Africa, back in 2007.  

Alpha Power Solutions have ensured businesses have remained open and operational, grown while remaining viable, protecting and creating jobs, in the process. 

Contact us today for a free consultation to determine your power factor correction cost, and let’s work together to assist your business.

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