Saving money with power factor improvement

Electricity costs are estimated to DOUBLE over the next 10 years ⚡ Reduce the impact on your business’ profitability by implementing power factor improvement.

Electricity costs are consistently on the rise. The way you’re being billed is constantly changing and you’re paying for electricity that you can avoid being charged for. If only there was some sort of solution to help you with this.

You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you that there is a solution that can do just that and more. Cue power factor correction.

What exactly is Power Factor Correction or PFC?

Your power factor is a measurement of the efficiency and effectiveness of electrical power that is being consumed. If you don’t manage your electrical infrastructure you could be facing a knock to your finances and operations.

Power factor correction is the process of improving a low power factor through installing Power Factor Correction capacitors. By installing these capacitors, you can increase the ratio of active power over apparent power.

If the power factor of your plant can be improved, you can look forward to energy savings by reducing your energy costs as well as improved efficiency and much more. What “much more”, you may be asking?

The benefits of power factor improvement

  1. Improved load carrying capability
  2. Decreased electricity bills
  3. Improved profits
  4. Improved voltage

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that power factor correction offers and what it means for you.

Improve load carrying capability 

When the power factor of a plant is low, cables supply transformers and other components involved in the distribution of electrical energy in the plant can be unnecessarily overloaded

By improving the power factor, you reduce the load in these components and you improve their load capability

Decrease electricity bills

By understanding your power consumption, you can better understand your power factor constraints.

By using power factor correction equipment, you can reduce the amount of wasted power and turn that into immediate savings. Which brings us onto our next point.

Improve profits for business

We’ve spoken about how power factor correction can help decrease your electricity bills. However, do you know what that really means for your business?

By cutting costs on electricity bills, you can save money and can re-invest those savings back into your business. Costs aside, you can better focus on core business functions and increase your productivity without having to worry about wasted “energy” money.

Improved voltage

With an improved power factor, you can decrease the voltage drop in the conductor that is usually experienced when a lower power factor causes a higher current flow for a heavier load. Resulting in an overall improvement of voltage of your equipment.

Stabalise your electrical network, improve supply voltage and prevent overcharges on your utility bill by improving the power factor of your plant.

How is power factor correction important for business?

Power factor correction has an array of benefits. For businesses, improving power factor can mean increasing the current-carrying capacity which improves voltage to devices, cutting down power losses & electrical bills.

Poor power factor means that power is being drawn due to high reactive power. The act of reducing the power being drawn is what industries and businesses alike strive to accomplish in order to reduce energy costs.

The above makes it easy to see why investing in power factor correction is worthwhile.

Not only does it make financial sense in that you will be saving money, but you will decrease the amount of power that you use and can take advantage of cheaper electricity costs going forward.

Whether you’re in the motor industry, hospitality industry, mining industry or something else, you can benefit from power factor correction.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you can benefit from power factor improvement, or simply have power factor explained, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with your free assessment.