Resolving electrical supply constraint

Resolving electrical supply constraints through power factor correction, in order to accommodate expansion projects requiring additional electrical power, assists in business sustainability.
To remain sustainable in a tough economy, factories and industrial & commercial enterprises can all benefit from improving their power factor – which will in turn reduce energy demand, decrease costs & improve profitability, as well as open up available space for additional electrical connections – to expand the electrical supply capacity.

The latter is particularly useful in scenarios where there are electrical constraints, or for expansion projects that require additional power.

Improving the power factor starts with the basics

Point of departure for correction of power factor is to make sure that the basics are in place. Here are a few simple steps that can be easily incorporated in any operations – that will lead to a notable improvement in the power factor:
Fit capacitors or condensers in your AC circuit
Keep the operation of idling or lightly-loaded motors to the minimum
Retrofit your standard motors with motors that are energy efficient
Never operate equipment above its rated voltage
Keep your power factor intact with power factor correction controllers

In addition to the above elements, every business that uses a substantial quota of energy for its operations – should have power factor correction controllers. Power factor controllers are of the most effective instruments to one’s avail for the correction or continuous improvement of the power factor.

In a nutshell, the benefits of power factor correction controllers are:
It enables achievement of the best possible power factor.
It enhances the power efficiency and density optimally.
All that is accomplished at minimal cost, in comparison to other energy saving initiatives.
What is also absolutely key – is to remember that it does not stop at installation only. Once it is installed, power factor correction equipment servicing is of the essence – to ensure that your power factor is maintained throughout.

Get your power factor right – right from the word go

Getting your power factor right as quickly as possible, will lead to savings on energy and costs – as quickly as possible. Alpha Power Solutions offers a useful complementary and obligation-free consultation to audit your electrical circuit and make expert recommendations with costs.

Most importantly, upon evaluating the power factor correction requirements, Alpha Power Solutions also computes the estimated return on investment (ROI) & takes that into consideration in their proposal to you. As a result – clients start saving immediately and are on average able to yield notable ROI, within 12 – 18 months.

Benefits of expert power factor services at a glance

Why take a trial and error approach to your power factor issues if you can lay the foundation perfectly from the start? These are some benefits of using specialists like Alpha Power Solutions:
A minimum life expectancy of 10 years on power correction equipment
A 2-year guarantee on the entire range
The option of entering into money wise service & maintenance contracts
After-market support and service on all hardware & software available
A comprehensive inventory of spares for fast turnaround of repairs

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