We offer a range of power factor correction products and solutions that address problems with:

  1. Excessive reactive power consumption
  2. Low power factor, which results in excessive maximum demand (kVA) charges and can also result in power factor penalties being levied by the utility company.

Power Factor Correction

The installation of power factor correction equipment aims to improve the power factor of electrical power systems.

We specialise in the fitment of customised power factor correction equipment as well as the repair and upgrade of existing power factor correction systems

Power Factor Correction Controllers

Our power factor correction controllers operate efficiently over a varied number of input voltages and output power levels. Our controllers work in line with the fitted capacitors and track usage to assure large flexibility in connections and safe, reliable operations.

Fixed Capacitors

Fixed capacitors make up the second of our power factor correction products.

Our capacitors are designed for high power performance and proven longevity. Suited for a range of connections plus retrofitting to existing installations.

Harmonic Filtration

Harmonics can be destructive under certain conditions and we specialise in the reduction of excessive harmonic levels in electrical systems, through a process called harmonic filtration: we install active harmonic filters in trouble spots or passive harmonic filters on problem equipment and power factor correction systems.