Power Factor improvement audit. Moving to guaranteed ROI

From judgments to claims of foul play, South African businesses wait with bated breath for the findings. Here’s to “beating the system” with a power factor improvement audit that won’t break the bank.

Just as we celebrate level 1 lockdown, Eskom rings true hitting the economy with the dreaded stage 2 load shedding.

When will businesses see the light? With extended loadshedding, meaning more lost hours, (last year we lost 859 hours) how can we keep the doors open?

Eric Solot is frustrated at City Power “milking struggling businesses”. The recent report, by Eyewitness News, leaves even more people worried.

“The signed agreement ensures that the electricity bought in bulk from Eskom allows the city’s electricity distributor, City Power, safe and reliable distribution of electricity to the residents of Johannesburg.”

Shortly after the statement was released, Eskom spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha explained that any possible transaction or migration is years away – if it happens at all.”

We are tired of the excuses. The time for action is now.

As businesses, we know that paying our bills is imperative to keep the lights on. The same can not be said for Eskom and the municipalities. From poor maintenance to vandalism aka “cable theft” – it’s just down to bad management.

All of these factors are leading to the grid, edging closer to collapse. So where does this leave your business?

Good news. Investing in PFC solutions can reduce your energy demand costs by up to 40%.

Just because, in the words of the Citizen “Eskom has no money” and “No diesel,” doesn’t mean you have to endure the same.

Ask our expert energy services team to facilitate a power factor improvement audit. This will identify key areas in your business that will result in an industrial-scale, sustainable energy infrastructure.

What does sustainable energy mean to SA business?

Not for lack of trying businesses are actively seeking ways to “get off the grid”. The challenge comes in when you look at the enormous cost. Additionally, the payback period of solar, for a large industrial solution, may only be seen by the next CEO.

So how do we tackle this?

Higher tariffs, on already cash-strapped businesses, make those kinds of investments near impossible. Knowing Eskom is unlikely to ever “clean up their act”, investing in power factor correction gives an affordable option.

This intervention effectively means your immediate monthly savings can be re-invested into a smaller solar option. Making your business more sustainable and less reliant on the national grid.

This infrastructure investment, as well as the advantages of power factor correction, just make sense. Combining PFC solutions with industrial Solar equipment gives you a sustainable outlook.

Taking advantage of a little known “intelligent electricity technology” means you are in control of your expenditure. With our solutions, you are effectively and automatically made aware of problems you may have with your PFC equipment.

Why improving low power systems keeps the lights on

Can your business afford to not save on your electricity bill? A low power factor in your plant is not only inefficient; it is also expensive, as your municipality charges you for the excessive reactive power consumed.

Knowing how to save on your bill, for your industry, is the 1st step in keeping those lights on.

After all, Ted Blom is on record as stating, “Eskom needs about R600-billion to do the catch-up and refurbishment”, so you know your payment is being swindled. And things are only set to worsen.

In fact, Eskom, our national power generator, is officially the world’s worst power company. Would you put all your eggs in their basket?

What and how can your business survive the odds?

Imagine targeting an improvement and reducing your wastage by 25% to 50% within the next 4 years. This in turn can be reused for “off-grid” technologies. So when Eskom is still on and off, your business will be “always-on”.

Don’t be held to ransom by ineffective energy providers. Invest in Power Factor Correction. Speak to Eric and our team about our power factor improvement audit.

Still not sure if the numbers make sense. Our power factor correction calculation shows you real savings, over the next decade.

Eskom and their challenges are “stalling our economic rebound”. We agree with the IOL report & Money Web concerns of “more power cuts on the horizon“. Do you?

Keeping your businesses lights on is simple. To survive, and reduce your electricity expenditure, all you need to do is request a FREE no-obligation energy audit. Let our 30 years of experience be your next 30 years of success

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