Power Factor Correction unit installation

It has been a tough year so far with continued corruption scandals, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and most of all, the devastating riots experienced in July.

BizCommunity reported that energy generation technologies are evolving rapidly, affecting available technological choices and associated costs. The presidency has put specific measures in place to assist in the mitigation of the economic effects of these incidents.

The country’s “power supply and electricity supply programme” is one such measure.

The long-term electricity requirements of the country have been reassessed. Energy planning and meeting electricity demand are a priority.

Can Eskom meet the demands? What alternative solutions are available for your business?

Think ahead and plan long term

Now is the time to be proactive and look at reducing monthly electricity costs for long term profitability. Power Factor Correction could offset the negative impact of the recent tariff increases Eskom and municipalities have implemented.

“When it comes to energy efficiency, it is critical that businesses deal with reputable companies, to ensure that the investments made to reduce their energy usage result in projected savings,” advises managing director Eric Solot.

Alpha Power Solutions are reputable

At Alpha Power Solutions we can assure you; you are in good hands! We are highly experienced and endorsed by the following associations.

  • Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC)
  • Electrical Contractors of Association of South Africa (ECASA)
  • South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI)

A power factor correction intervention

The installation of a power factor correction unit is not something you pick from a standard catalogue. PFC (Power Factor Correction) is a highly specialised, electrical energy efficiency field.

Without sophisticated test equipment, and the experience of skilled experts, your business will not reap the full benefits of power factor correction.

What is the process of a Power Factor Correction intervention?

Deciding to install PFC in your business, for immediate savings, makes business sense. We have produced four simple steps to help you make the right business choice.

Alpha Power Solutions want businesses to thrive. Simplifying the process means that Power Factor Correction does not mean you need a degree to save money.

  1. Calculate your potential savings

Determining whether your business will benefit is the first step. We have designed an online Power Factor Correction calculator for this purpose. We have formulated an effective algorithm that quickly calculates your savings based on your current monthly electricity bill specific to your industry.

Try it today! It is simple and effective and is specific to your industry and municipality.

  1. Request and book a site inspectionWe provide a free onsite inspection to determine your power factor requirements.
    Our energy audit assists in identifying and measuring areas of energy wastage throughout your organisation’s activities.

Energy audits are crucial for companies looking at saving electricity. A comprehensive energy usage analysis and systematic approach will lead to efficient energy savings.

Alpha Power Solutions has 30 yrs. experience and will ensure you receive the right advice!

  1. Investment & expected ROIFollowing a site visit, and a more comprehensive audit of your energy profile, we can determine how much you need to spend. The investment will be based on our findings, and we will show you by how much we can reduce your electricity bill.

We will also calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) of the proposed solution, as well as the nett benefit over a period of ten years, which is the minimum life expectancy of our power factor correction solutions.

Alpha Power Solutions recently assisted a packaging company in reducing their monthly electricity costs by installing power factor correction equipment. Check out how much they saved!

  • Investment: R343 500
  • Monthly savings: R40 000
  • Payback period: 9 months
  1. Installation & placement of PFC panelsOur engineers will determine the best placement of the power factor correction unit. The PFC panels are typically installed inside the LV room of our customers.

Where this is not possible, we install the hardware inside weatherproof enclosures. When determining placement, we also consider the below factors,

  • Weather
  • Temperature
  • Environment

Dust and heat are two critical elements to mitigate against. A dusty and hot environment can be damaging as it has a detrimental effect on the life expectancy of your equipment.

Our service to you

We are all about our customers. We pride ourselves on excellent service as well as guaranteed savings. Following the installation of a power factor correction unit we provide,

  • Onsite training

We train your staff to ensure they are equipped to handle the maintenance of the equipment. Our team is also only a phone call away for further assistance. The panels are specialised and need to be carefully and safely looked after.

  • Repairs

We can repair any brand of power factor correction. Our team will repair your equipment efficiently and correctly.

  • Servicing

As with all electrical equipment, regular services need to be done to ensure optimal performance. PFC equipment is no different. Servicing needs to take place at regular intervals. Ask us about a service contract to ensure the equipment always remains operational

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