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Would you like to put money back into your business instead of paying for the non-delivery of a service?

Run your business efficiently at an operational level.

Power Factor Correction has guaranteed savings! These savings to your business help you invest in a smaller hybrid industrial solar solution.

Reduce the probability of load shedding by reducing your impact on the grid.

Alternative energy solutions.

More & more companies are seeking “greener” more efficient energy-saving alternatives by investing in solar systems.

Power Factor Correction is one such technology that when installed in conjunction with solar power can reduce your overall investment.

The immediate cost of such technologies is significant but the long-term benefit is immediate.

Industrial solar installations can be enormously expensive and take years to achieve a break-even position.

The process of PFC and Solar

Power Factor Correction

PFC can be difficult to understand but it is the core business of Alpha Power Solutions and we are experts in this specialised field of energy efficiency. All you need to understand is the guaranteed savings you will achieve with our recommended solutions.


One of the advantages of power factor correction is that if you have a bad power factor, introducing PFC into your business means you can invest in a smaller industrial solar solution

It is time for businesses to make smart power choices now!

The new rules allow firms to “get off Eskom’s grid” but that does not bring immediate relief to businesses across South Africa. With more frequent power interruptions, the fact that the grid is under pressure is glaringly obvious, so what options do you, as a business, have?

How can power factor benefit your business?

In these trying times, we understand finances are tight, and operating costs are under pressure. Implementing PFC solutions, that guarantee immediate savings, and improve a bad power factor means your business can invest with industrial solar installers.

Eric Solot of Alpha Power Solutions has worked with installers of solar power with many clients, and he confirms “you can make your solar system smaller if you have a good power factor!”

If you have a bad PF, you need more solar panels to meet your business needs and often industrial solar installers are left where businesses cannot afford the large installations required. Partnering with our PFC experts means you can have the best of both worlds.

In effect, you utilise a smaller solar system, reduce your solar investment and get an even better ROI.

Eric stated that when you “install a smaller solar system”, while taking advantage of PFC to “reduce your power consumption” this in fact makes the “whole solar project more viable.”

In addition to these clever electricity savings and guaranteed ROI, the re-investment into solar puts you in charge of your business success and profitability.

Businesses that are smart with their energy consumption will now reap large rewards in the future.

Your business can benefit from the key advantages of power factor correction. In turn, these savings and efficiencies will “keep the lights on” for a little bit longer.

It is guaranteed that electricity costs will continue to rise and as a result, the savings and associated payback period of an investment in a PFC intervention will decrease. Think long-term, think PFC.

It’s all about the savings – every monthly saving you achieve from a PFC installation can be used to pay off your solar investment.

Give your business a much-needed boost in overall energy management. Invest in Power Factor Correction and chat to us about our solar system partners and how we are actively helping businesses in SA.

Eskom announces further power loss and equipment failure. Loadshedding continues, hours are lost & therefore businesses’ long-term profitability is affected.

What can businesses do to affordably “get out of the dark?”

The amendments to the Electricity Regulation Act (section 2) address creating an electricity supply that is “stable” for SA, but this will take time and self-generation.

We help businesses to remain viable, keep their doors open & become more sustainable, speak to us today

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