Power Factor Correction service

A Power Factor Correction Service Means Long Term Efficiency

Our power factor correction service ensures optimal power usage. Think long term, think PFC & make the right investment today.

 Eskom will be forced to charge 30% more for electricity from next year and potentially implement continuous stage 8 load-shedding reported by My Broadband in December 2021.

Is the increase justified or affordable?

Once again, our power generation and distributions systems are under pressure & we need to reduce our power demands. Stage 8 load shedding means shedding 8,000MW of electricity from the grid, double the shedding of stage 4. Meaning households and businesses could be without power for 12 hours every day!

Can your business afford to have suspended operations for this amount of time? What can companies do to remain viable in these tough economic times?

Businesses must improve their energy efficiency and invest in renewable energy to remain viable. Alpha Power Solutions are energy-saving experts who provide power factor correction solutions.

One of the advantages of power factor correction is that if your plant has a poor power factor, installing the right PFC solution in conjunction with a solar system means you can invest in a smaller industrial solar solution with a shorter ROI.

Alpha Power Solutions has worked with installers of solar power systems with a number of clients and confirms that you can make your solar system smaller if you have a poor power factor.

Our primary aim is to assist businesses to reduce their energy costs & provide savings to invest in energy efficiency.

Rethink your power consumption & seek alternative solutions

Alpha Power Solutions devised a calculator that can quickly provide an estimate based on basic information such as:

  1. Typical monthly spend
  2. Which municipality or utility bills you
  3. Your specific industry

It’s online and accessed via our website, free & simple to use.

Some industries use more power than others, and municipalities bill differently, this is why we need to know your industry and which municipality or utility bills you. These factors assist us in providing you with a more accurate estimation for a PFC investment.

Try it before the 20.5% tariff increase is implemented in April 2022, get the savings your business deserves, and make 2022 a profitable year.

What is the next step?

Like what you see following our online calculation? Give us a call, and we will set up a free site inspection.

A site visit ensures we obtain all the correct technical & financial information before providing our clients with a PFC intervention & accurate savings.

We use only the best equipment & our technicians are highly qualified. All equipment is of a high standard, reliable & accurate.

Installation and maintenance

Once installed, PFC equipment must be regularly maintained & serviced. Our Power Factor Correction service, includes:

  • Services at regular intervals (typically every 6 to 12 months)
  • Service contracts
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades

Eric Solot explains the importance of maintenance, “Every medium to large company as well as all municipalities, should optimise their power usage by installing power factor correction equipment & maintain it regularly, once installed.  This would not only result in significant savings in electricity costs but would also result in the electrical grid being less strained and avoid some of the load shedding events we have been experiencing”.

We provide your onsite staff with the proper training to ensure equipment operates correctly to avoid damages and disruptions.

Ask the experts

Let’s work together to get your business running at an optimal level. Alpha Power Solutions are the experts in the PFC field. We always provide our clients with the best possible service. We guarantee:

  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical thinking
  • Friendly & patient staff
  • Excellent customer service

Let Alpha Power Solutions guide you on the best PFC solution and power factor correction service. We analyse your power factor correction requirements and provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to suit your business needs.

Contact us today; we are based in Gauteng and operate nationwide.

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