Power Factor Correction For Industrial Solar Systems

Run your business cost-effectively with power factor correction solutions for industrial solar solutions!

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Would you like to reduce your electricity bills or put money back into your business?

Well-designed Power Factor Correction (PFC) solutions result in guaranteed savings. It reduces the amount of electricity your systems need from an electrical power source. With these savings, your business can invest in a smaller off-the-grid or hybrid industrial solar solution, or use the savings achieved, to reduce the investment payback period of the solar system.

PFC for industrial solar installations offers both cost and energy-saving benefits for a great return on investment. Although industrial solar power systems tend to be expensive, Eric Solot from Alpha Power Solutions confirms, “you can reduce your industrial solar system requirements if you have a good power factor, which can be done through PFC!”.

Investments in industrial solar systems have a typical payback period of 5 to 10 years. The investment required for a PFC system is a fraction of the investment required for a solar system, and the typical payback period of an optimal PFC system is usually between 3 and 18 months.

The immediate and long-term benefits of our solutions are worth it.

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Power Factor Correction

PFC can be difficult to understand and is the core business of Alpha Power Solutions. We are experts in this specialised field of energy efficiency; all you need to understand is the guaranteed savings you will achieve with our recommended solutions.

Additionally, it is guaranteed that electricity costs will continue to rise, and as a result, the savings and associated payback period of an investment in a PFC intervention will decrease over time.

Think long-term, think PFC!


One of the advantages of PFC is that if you have a bad power factor, introducing PFC into your business means you can reduce your operation’s energy requirements. This can additionally benefit you by allowing you to invest in a smaller industrial solar system. As mentioned, PFC will immediately reduce your energy requirements and, thus, your costs on solar for industrial use! If you have a bad power factor, you need more solar panels to meet your business needs, making the switch to industrial solar energy systems less attractive.

Give your business a much-needed boost in overall energy management. Call us to find out more about how we are actively helping businesses in Southern Africa optimise their investment in industrial solar systems through PFC.

We help businesses remain viable, keep their doors open & become more sustainable. Speak to us today.

Our Guarantee

Alpha Power Solutions has over 30 years of experience in providing reliable and affordable PFC equipment solutions in Southern Africa. We can guarantee immediate power factor improvement and associated savings (with a notable reduction of between 20% and 50% on your power demand). This results in a significant reduction in your monthly electricity bills.

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    Get savings on your industrial solar system with power factor correction from Alpha Power Solutions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are 3 main options to improve the power factor of your business – capacitor banks, synchronous motors, and static var generators (SVG). Alpha Power Solutions is a power solutions company, and we always offer the most cost-effective/beneficial solution to improve the power factor of the electrical installations of our clients, ultimately reducing power costs.

    To name but a few of the adverse effects, a low power factor can result in excessive electrical power consumption and demand, as well as excessive heat losses and elevated electricity costs.

    For businesses that have reached the maximum of their electrical supply, the average cost of a PFC solution to free up supply capacity is usually 85% more cost-effective than an electrical supply upgrade.

    I want to reduce my power/electricity cost

    Tailor-made solutions to help you reduce electricity costs by up to 20%; call now or use the form to send us your requirements.


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