Power Factor Correction experts | Tips to cut costs

In a quest to continuously improve energy consumption and by default reduce the cost associated to utility expenses, Power Factor Correction experts share their top tips to reduce energy consumption, save on manufacturing utility costs and a guaranteed ROI over 12 – 18 months.

In recent times, South African commercial and industrial organiations alike have a raised awareness to the importance of how to reduce excessive energy consumption and to save electricity. Not only does the commitment to power factor correction reduce the pressures on the South African power grid, but power factor correction directly benefits productivity and production costs which in turn, positively impact a manufacturing plants bottom line by reducing overheads and costs.

Energy audits conducted on site by Power Factor Correction experts reveal a digital visualisation of voltage and power usage, allowing the identification of effective PF correction techniques and technology, which have an optimal ROI. Alpha Energy Solution experts reveal their top 5 tips on how to cut costs associated with excessive and often wasteful industrial energy consumption.

Tip 1: Create a power factor correction company policy

Increase awareness and share critical success factors that positively contribute to the reduction of excessive energy consumption throughout your organisation and encourage an active commitment to power factor correction techniques.

Tip 2: Familiarise yourself with the facts

Power factor correction can be complex topic matter to master. Familiarise yourself, your engineers and operation managers to facts about power factor correction, the jargon, and influences, how this affects your business and how to improve the correction of power factor and power usage.

Tip 3: Waste not, want not

Identify expensive and wasteful energy inefficiencies throughout your organisations, in the form of both process and common practice, “energy-expensive” equipment as well as unnoticed wastage and energy loss (for example air compressor leaks or even idle production schedules).

Tip 4: Tools and Techniques

The installation of a power factor data logger is used to measure a plants electrical load profile. From the data gathered power factor correction experts are able to pinpoint unique power factor correction requirements of a manufacturing plant including installation requirements and constraints such as correction hardware, ventilation needs, IP ratings, etc.

Tip 5: Get assessed

Alpha Power Solutions can assist with a comprehensive audit of your plant’s power usage: not only of your active power (usable energy), but also of your reactive power and apparent power usage. The report will supply insights and practical recommendations to improve your organisations power factor with the intent to achieve an ROI of 12-18 months.

The final and possibly one of the most impactful tips to reducing costs through power factor correction is with the intentional sharing of information and education about power factor correction. By entrenching power factor correction best practice as a company value; the organisation as a whole, production at a group level as well as individual employees are equipped to take accountability and actively participate in reducing plant power consumption in order to cut productions costs at large.

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