Image of power factor correctionWhen it comes to power factor correction, not many companies hold the esteem Alpha Power Solutions does. This year, we are proudly celebrating our ten-year anniversary and would like to touch on our highlights and hear from our Managing Director, Eric Solot. Acquaint yourself with the achievements relished by Alpha Power Solutions over the past decade and delve into a business venture you will never regret.

Where It All Began

Alpha Power Solutions was officially founded in South Africa in 2008 by An and Eric Solot. The pair decided to assist Southern Africa in a field we are grossly lacking in: power factor correction. Few South African businesses realize they can actually reduce their electricity costs through power factor correction. Businesses often don’t scrutinise their electricity bills sufficiently and accept these costs as a general expense and give little thought to them. But did you know, you can actually save yourself quite a lot of capital by making use of power factor correction equipment? The Solot’s saw an opportunity and seized it wholeheartedly.

The Past Decade In A Nut Shell

Alpha Power Solutions grew from strength to strength within the Southern African market. Arriving in current times, they have a lot to look back on and be proud of. Here are a few greatest moments in the past decade at Alpha Power Solutions.

Mass Growth

Since inception, Alpha Power Solutions has steadily expanded. In the last two years alone, the company has grown their staff by a phenomenal fifty percent. Yes, Alpha Power Solutions literally doubled their man power over the past two years. Imagine what the next ten years will hold in terms of development.

Astronomical Savings

As previously mentioned, Alpha Power Solutions specializes in power factor correction. Do you recall how we stated that this service will actually save your business money? Well, if you need to see hard figures, take a look at these. Over the past decade, Alpha Power Solutions has saved businesses across Southern Africa an astounding R180 million. The team are literally saving their customer base R1 per second.

Satisfied Clients

Over the past decade, Alpha Power Solutions has accrued numerous return clients. All of whom are satisfied with their services received.


“Our dealings with Eric Solot and his team at Alpha Power Solutions has been focused on the reduction of electrical demand.

We were thrilled when Eric’s power factor correction proposal and the implementation thereof back in 2013 has resulted in significant monthly savings as a result of a 17.4% reduction in maximum demand. We are still very happy with our investment and with the ongoing service levels provided by Alpha Power Solutions.

What we appreciate most about working with Eric was his ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.”

Charles Watson

Maintenance Manager

Enterprise Foods


“Eric and his team are a first-class organization! Their collective experience, knowledge and guidance throughout the process made the purchase process very smooth. Start to finish they provided excellent guidance and advice while their level of communication was impeccable.

Furthermore, we were very pleased with the quote we had received as their prices were exceptionally reasonable. Even the after-sales service contract won’t leave you out of pocket.

Their staff did the installation sufficiently and exactly as it was explained to us, production interruptions were kept to an absolute minimal.

 I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and would be pleased to serve as a reference for anyone considering their services and/or products.”

Jacqui v Zweeden

Assistant to Directors

Secant Engineering


 A Word From Our MD

As mentioned above, power factor correction can save many commercial and industrial businesses significant amounts in electricity costs.  Unfortunately, this is a specialised technology in the electrical energy efficiency environment, which requires specialised test equipment and knowledge, in order to determine the exact requirements of each business.  Over the years, we have organised many seminars, information evenings and training sessions in an effort to share our knowledge and expertise with our potential client base.  For the same reason, we are exhibiting at many prestigious exhibitions such as Electramining (this year will be the 6th time we will be exhibiting there) and Power & Electricity World Africa, in an effort to inform businesses about the benefits of power factor correction.  I am very passionate about this as we can have a significant positive impact on the profitability and viability of businesses and indirectly on the economy and employment levels in our country.