Power Factor Correction Calculation

No matter your industry, your business could be saving thousands every month on your electricity bill! Try our power factor correction calculation and save.

SA’s industry needs relief; with business closures, section 189’s and tough economic times, why not get something back? With annual electricity increases implemented, businesses are all feeling the pinch. Want proof in actual numbers and savings?

Eric Solot, managing director of Alpha Power Solutions, explains, “The Power Factor Correction equipment we have installed in the last 24 months has resulted in our customers saving a combined R10 Million Rand per month!”

Take our recent success story: a packaging company in Johannesburg. They contacted us for assistance in reducing their electricity costs. After our team assessed and analysed their existing power demand, power factor correction just made complete sense. Here are the facts:

  1. Install custom-built PFC solution (R 343 500 investment)
  2. Drop in max. demand to 900kVA (power factor of 0.99)
  3. Monthly savings in electricity achieved R40 000
  4. Lifetime benefit of savings over 10 years (R4 800 000)

That’s a whopping average savings in electricity costs of R480 000 per year! What could your business do with that? Taking the 1st year into account, and the savings, the initial investment was recovered in just 9 months.

The rest of the savings for the next decade all go back into the business!

Very few investment opportunities result in such attractive returns. Let us show you how to calculate your potential savings. Take back control and help your business prosper.

All about fact’s – 4 simple WAYS to determine your savings

Power Factor Correction is not easily understood by many. So, we devised 4 simple ways you can get your calculated monthly savings results. We provide you with the real numbers of the savings you will enjoy.

Choose from our 4 simple options to determine your estimated savings. Let our team do the rest.

Based on your municipality and your industry, our power factor correction calculator shows real potential savings. Why not ask us to show you how much you can lower your energy costs by?

  1. Upload your bill

Get a free assessment using your monthly electricity bill. Our team will analyse your bills and assist you with a solution to reduce your monthly electricity costs. 

  1. Calculate Savings

Try our online PFC calculator. It has a simple and effective algorithm that determines your potential monthly electricity savings. 

  1. Free Inspection

If you would like further assistance and guidance, we provide a free inspection of your electrical installations. 

  1. Contact Us

The last and easiest step is to give us a call. Let’s answer all your questions and do a deep dive into making your electricity expenditure less of a burden.

We know following any of the steps above will get you excite. Customer service is always top of mind, and our team is always readily available to assist you.

How to determine your power factor correction Requirements

Let us now focus on the specifics of what power factor correction is and allow us to help you understand its benefits and positive impact for your business. When we talk about PFC, it is important to determine two elements,

  1. The electricity tariff you are being billed on
  2. The type of industry you are in

These key elements will determine the investment required and the savings you will achieve . Let us help you achieve a positive impact on your monthly electricity expense. Our calculator allows you to take the savings into account, to help your business in areas where extra cashflow is needed.

Leave it to the experts! As a business owner you should take advantage of our expert knowledge in managing your electrical power demand. Improve your overall energy efficiency, with Alpha Power Solutions, the right service provider.

In addition to the above, determining the optimal power factor correction solution for a specific business or operational site, requires;

  1. Specialised knowledge
  2. Test equipment

Alpha Power Solutions is the leading expert! We have the knowledge, expertise and sophisticated equipment to make a real difference to your business. With over 30 years of experience in power factor correction, harmonics filtration and electrical power quality mitigation, it makes sense to partner with us.

We can assist your business by designing the right power factor correction system specific to your requirements. Through our recommendations, we can provide you with the accurate savings that will be achieved.

Welcome immediate savings and long-term profitability

We have managed to assist many businesses in saving through our PFC calculation, creating long-term sustainability and business growth.

Alpha Power Solutions are passionate, and we enjoy engaging with our clients and potential customers. Explaining the advantages and power factor correction and providing actual proof of the accuracy of our power factor correction calculation is rewarding.

Once our PFC solution is installed, we train key personnel on-site on the preventative maintenance required to ensure it continues to deliver monthly savings in electricity costs for the next ten years!

We know it can be complicated, but we provide advice and solutions specific to your business needs. Alpha Power Solutions is here to help businesses save.

Our easy-to-use Power Factor Correction savings calculator provides much-needed relief to SA industry. In our current economic climate hearing, the word “savings” is music to our ears.

Why not ask us “how much?”

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