Power Factor Correction Calculation creates big savings

Guaranteed savings for your business through a detailed Power Factor Correction Calculation

Start saving today in 4 simple steps. Try our easy-to-use power factor correction calculator, providing you with a detailed summary of Power Factor Calculation.

Electricity Consumption

Electricity costs have been noted as 1 of the top 5 OPEX’s for most businesses. It, therefore, makes sense to minimise electrical wastage, which will increase your overall energy efficiency. Knowing what consumes your energy, how much you spend monthly, and identifying where you can save will improve your business’s overall profitability and economic growth.

How can a business calculate its savings?

Running a business can be demanding, and overhead costs need to be managed correctly. Alpha Power Solutions understands these demands and is here to assist you in managing the power demand of your business. We ensure increased profitability and improved electrical supply capacity. We provide energy-hungry organisations with a four-step process for an accurate Power Factor Correction Calculation through our experience and knowledge.

Our Power Factor Correction Calculator

The Power Factor Calculator can be used to calculate your power factor correction requirements and how your business can benefit from optimal energy efficiency and savings on electricity costs.

Through thorough investigation and research, Alpha Power Solutions has formulated specific savings related to particular industries based on information obtained from monthly electricity bills. The industries we target include large retailers, abattoirs, poultry farms, breweries & bottle manufacturing and more within the industrial and operational space where large machinery is used daily.

We have also considered your specific municipalities as the electricity tariffs vary for each municipal area. For increased accuracy, provide us with your latest electricity bills. Should you not have a copy upon using our online calculator, insert the estimated monthly amount.

The four easy steps to follow;

  • Tell us your monthly electricity cost
  • Choose the municipality that bills you
  • Select the industry in which you operate
  • Visualise how much PFC will save your business

Expertise in our field

A most recent project saw us install a power factor correction solution at a relatively small factory in the Gauteng area in November 2020.  Upon a free consultation with our client and a formal, comprehensive power factor correction audit, we determined that through an investment of R40 000 in high-quality power factor correction equipment with a life expectancy of approximately ten years, their savings would be over R500 000. This is a considerable saving and a clear indication of what investing in such equipment can do for the profitability of a business.

Happy clients and counting

If you need further proof of how Alpha Power Solutions can reduce your monthly electricity costs, we have assisted around 2 771 (and counting) happy clients, with a total savings of R 1 671, 903, 130!

Savings guaranteed

Once you have seen the potential savings, contact us for further steps. Alpha Power Solutions will provide you with industry-related advice, exceptional service, and a complete plan of the way forward. A Power Factor Improvement Audit will assist in identifying and measuring areas of energy wastage throughout the organisation’s activities.

Who is Alpha Power Solutions

As a corporate member of the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC), an associate member of the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa (ECASA) and with a Tier 1 Energy Services Company (ESCo) recognition level with the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), we are in the best position to give you and your business the energy efficiency knowledge and savings you need with our Power Factor Correction Calculation. Contact us for any other questions you may have and which we have not covered here.

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