Papermill Company Case Study

At the request of a Papermill company in Gauteng, we conducted a full investigation of their electrical load profile in order to determine their power factor correction requirements

Our investigation revealed the following:

  • the customer needed to make an initial investment of R370,000 for the supply and installation of the power factor correction equipment they required
  • the estimated monthly saving in the first year, as a result of the proposed PFC intervention, was in excess of R80,000 (savings in maximum demand charges as well as reactive power charges)
  • The payback period was estimated at just over 4 months

With an equipment life expectancy of at least 10 years, the total savings over a period of 10 years was estimated to be in excess of R13,000,000

The customer placed an order with us and 3 weeks later, the equipment was installed and commissioned.  The performance of the PFC equipment was monitored over a period of several months and the estimated savings at the time of quoting was confirmed.

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Net Benefit over time  

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