Lessen the load with Power Factor Correction

Power impacts business profitability. With the rising electricity costs, lessening the load is something many businesses seek. Learn how PFC equipment can help

It comes as no surprise to business owners – the increase in electricity prices coupled with the decrease of commodity prices have got businesses wondering where and how they can squeeze a little extra savings into the equation.

The way businesses are being charged for power is everchanging. With costs, savings and power demands constantly fluctuating, businesses are looking for stability during peak energy use.

Coming to grips with peak energy use

When a considerable number of electrical devices are being used at the same time, peak energy use occurs. Your business profitability (and productivity) will be affected by peak power as your business will be charged accordingly.

This can lead to a higher electricity bills at the end of the month and a decrease in the amount of money that your business is saving.

So, how do businesses lessen the load of peak energy use?

Simple – by lowering their power demand using Power Factor Correction equipment.

Power Factor Correction

The solution for businesses to reduce their peak power usage and decrease associated costs incurred comes in the form of Power Factor Correction.

Power Factor is the word used to refer to the ratio of real power to apparent power. When the apparent power demand is significantly higher in relation to your real power, your power factor will be poor.

When you have a poor power factor, your demand charges will be higher. However, the downfalls of a poor power factor don’t stop there.

Some of the other negative effects of a poor power factor are:

  • Energy loss in transformers, cables, switches etc.
  • Potential overload
  • Overheating of electrical equipment

A poor power factor comes with an array of negative effects and is certainly something you don’t want. However, through Power Factor Correction, it is possible to optimise your power factor.

How Power Factor Correction (PFC) can save you money

Power Factor Correction (or PFC) decreases your demand charges by reducing the amount of reactive power drawn from the grid. It is an essential tool in any business’ toolbox when it comes to saving money on a monthly basis.

It works by improving a low power factor present on a power system by installing power factor correction capacitors. By doing so, you can increase the ratio of active power to apparent power.

Many businesses overlook the importance of Power Factor Correction and the positive impacts that it can have for your business.

By adding Power Factor Correction, you can save money monthly, and in the long run.

Power Factor Correction equipment is an investment. Good systems will last about a decade, with regular service and maintenance.

Bonus benefits of Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Improving the power factor of your installations have benefits beyond saving money.

Let’s look at some of the other ways that your business can benefit through power factor correction;

  • Increased capacity
  • Increased voltage level
  • Reduced carbon footprint

It’s easy to see how PFC can help your business and why it is a must for every business to consider. The decreased utility charges alone are merit to their effectiveness.

We can help you lessen the load

Yes, Power Factor Correction is a good way of reducing your electricity costs. However, attaining the best possible solution lies in getting the right people to do the job.

At Alpha Power Solutions we offer a free assesment to determine where you are wasting energy and where you can save money.

With power factor explained, our trusted and expert advice is here to help give you optimal results and enable your business to keep running the way it was intended to.

To start saving money and lessening the load today, contact Alpha Power Solutions and let us help your business grow its operations, optimally and efficiently using Power Factor Correction equipment.

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