Improve your energy efficiency with Power Factor Correction Services

Improve your company’s energy efficiency from the beginning of 2021. Alpha Power Solutions has several Power Factor Correction services which can benefit your company throughout the year.

Each service looks at improving the power factor within your plant. Power factor is how well your electrical equipment utilises the power supplied. Poor power factor leads to electrical wastage, which increases your electricity bill.

Improving your power factor isn’t as simple as it may seem. There is specific equipment that needs to be installed and programmed to give you the best advantage. These 4 services will point you in the right direction:

  • PFC Assessment
  • Energy Audit
  • Service Contracts
  • Equipment Repairs

Making use of these services will identify potential problem areas. Allowing you to formulate a plan early. Starting you on the path to achieving your ROI sooner.

PFC Assessment

A Power Factor Correction assessment is the first step that needs to be carried out. This process involves the inspection of the electrical installation to determine the reactive compensation requirements.

Once the assessment has been completed, a report is produced, which includes an estimated return of investment calculation. The timeframe for an average ROI is usually 12 to 18 months, depending on several technical factors.

Alpha Power Solutions PFC assessment ensures customer peace of mind through:

  • A 24-month guarantee on our product range
  • Spare parts and complete assemblies
  • Service contracts and training (when necessary)
  • Aftermarket service on all equipment

Sometimes, a Power Factor Correction assessment is not enough to determine the power factor correction requirements of an electrical installation.  Complex and fluctuating electrical load profiles might require that an additional step be implemented first: an Energy Audit

Energy Audit

An energy audit is an assessment of a company’s overall energy usage. This is important as it assists in identifying and measuring areas of energy wastage. A company with high energy wastage can expect high electricity bills.

Trusting your energy auditor is imperative during this process. Achieving sustainable improvements for the organisation is only possible with a close client-auditor relationship.

Energy audits are critical for companies looking to save on electricity costs. Comprehensive energy usage analysis and systematic approaches will lead to proven energy savings. Industrial energy audits are targeted at improving a company’s wastage by 25% to 50% within four years.

A qualified energy auditor should conduct an audit with years of experience. This ensures the following electrical parameters are recorded:

  • Line & phase voltage
  • Phase & neutral current
  • Overall Power Factor
  • Apparent Power
  • Active Power
  • Reactive Power
  • Current Harmonics
  • Voltage Harmonics

With these elements being measured and considered, shortcomings are identified in your electrical installations. Accurate information obtained through an energy audit is essential to ensure that the projected savings will materialise once the recommended interventions have been implemented.

Service Contracts

All equipment installed needs to be taken care of and serviced. One of the Power Factor Correction Services Alpha Power Solutions offers is regular servicing of PFC equipment. Electrical equipment that has a minimum life expectancy of at least ten years will need to be maintained regularly.  We service not only the equipment we have supplied and installed but also service any brand of Power Factor Correction equipment

Although any malfunctions in the equipment will not usually impact production, it is advisable to take the necessary steps to maintain the equipment at regular intervals. If no person within your company can perform the services adequately, you can opt to enter into a service contract/agreement with us.

Service contracts ensure that power factor correction equipment is monitored and serviced at regular intervals, ensuring potential problems and deficiencies are identified and repaired without delay:

  • Hot connections (using an IR camera to reveal hidden problems)
  • Failed Capacitors
  • Faulty Contactors
  • Faulty Controllers
  • Dust/water ingress: this involves removing any contamination which might affect the operation of the equipment
  • Blown fuses

During a service, the technician will also verify the controller parameters and relevant information read-outs from the controller, ensuring the equipment operates optimally.

Power factor correction services should be conducted at least once a year, but in hostile environmental conditions such as elevated ambient temperatures, high vibration levels, or dusty environments, the service intervals should be shortened to as little as once, every six weeks.

Having professionals conduct the services, guarantees that the required checks and repairs are performed correctly.

Equipment Repairs

Looking at rectifying issues within your power factor correction equipment is imperative. Replacing equipment can be simpler but is usually more expensive, overall. Alpha Power Solutions can conduct repairs on any brand of power factor correction equipment.

In some instances, it might be more financially viable to replace your PFC panel rather than repairing it. Investing in equipment supplied by Alpha Power Solutions is not only a financially sound decision but will also demonstrate a proven ROI.

Our specialist technicians are equipped to do a thorough assessment of the condition of power factor correction equipment and compile a detailed inspection report.  A quotation is then generated for the repair of the defects found.

With over 30 years of experience in power factor correction and harmonic filtration systems, Alpha Power Solutions is well-positioned to provide its customers with the right equipment and back-up service, combining innovation, technical expertise, and superior quality, to offer tailor-made solutions.

Alpha Power Solutions is also an active corporate member of the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC), ensuring Southern African Businesses are effectively supported.

Start the 2020 year the correct way, with Alpha Power Solutions complete power factor services. Get in contact to get your free PFC inspection today.

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