How to Get Rid of Harmonics

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We take a closer look at the impact of harmonics on electrical supply systems and how to minimise issues with it from the vantage point of Alpha Power Solutions, one of South Africa’s leading power factor correction suppliers and Power Factor Calculator specialists.

The ripple effect of harmonics

Electronically controlled, non-linear electric loads draw current in rapid pulses which creates distorted voltage and current waves – which in turn cause a flow of harmonics into the power system. Naturally, the more such electronic devices you have, the greater the flow of harmonics will be – and the more significant impact it will have on your electrical distribution system.Key issues resulting from excessive harmonics include:

  • Shorter lifespan of systems & equipment integrated with your electrical distribution network
  • Malfunction, premature failure & even complete shutdown of systems & equipment
  • Reduced energy efficiency
  • Negative effect on the entire electrical system, including a reduction in power factor
  • A lower power factor will of course also lead to a substantial increase in the use of electricity, higher utility bills – and unnecessary operational costs.

Best approaches for the correction of harmonics and power factor Itai Ziwome, electrical engineer at Alpha Power Solutions explains that there are a multitude of harmonic filters available to reduce excessive harmonic levels and improve the power factor correction for factories as well as in large electrical installations. ‘These filters will indeed minimise harmonics, to acceptable levels. For this reason we also purposefully incorporate harmonic blocking reactors in our power factor correction equipment, when required.’ Fortunately, there are various solutions to address your harmonics and power factor correction issues effectively – regardless of whether you already have power factor correction equipment and harmonic filters or not. Alpha Power Solutions advises that one lays a solid foundation by commissioning a professional electrical audit first. A huge plus is that Alpha Power Solutions offers this service free of charge for successful projects’. Benefits of an electrical audit Here’s what you stand to gain from an audit of your electrical system:

  • A completely objective & expert ‘as is’ report of your current electrical supply network
  • An analysis of your overall energy efficiency
  • Identification of issues that are prohibiting the optimal functioning of your electrical system
  • Recommendations pertaining to the implementation of harmonics filtration and power factor correction
  • Details & costs for the installation of active and/or passive harmonic filters, if necessary
  • Details & costs for the installation of power factor correction equipment, if necessary
  • Guaranteed savings for any recommended power factor correction intervention
  • Guaranteed reductions in harmonic levels for any recommended harmonic filtration intervention

Alpha Power Solutions’ reports include a factual and statistical projection of the impact of all the proposed corrective measures, the savings that will be incurred and the break-even point of the required investment. . Subject to individual circumstances, clients on average achieve a return on investment of between six and eighteen months and the minimum life expectancy of well-designed systems is typically 10 years. Click here for more information or to book your complimentary electrical assessment now.

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