Ensure Energy Efficiency with an IOT Energy Management System

Improve Your Energy Efficiency with an IOT Energy Management System

An IoT energy management system can improve your company’s energy needs, reducing your electricity consumption while still improving overall productivity.

Improving energy efficiency is achieved through automating the monitoring, analysis and controlling of your electrical equipment.

How does the Internet of Things Work?

IoT is a system of interrelated computer devices which transfers data over a network. This process occurs without requiring a human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Automating Energy management and measurement operations within your company leads to:

  • Reduced Electricity Bills
  • Reduced Operating Expenses
  • Reduced Carbon Footprints
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Simplified and automated verification of implemented energy efficiency interventions

Although the internet of things is still evolving and improving, many companies have experienced the advantages of implementing technology within their operations. The benefits, as mentioned earlier, lead to managers focusing on other aspects of the company.

How do you integrate an IoT Energy Management System?

By integrating an IoT Energy Management system into your business, you can fully automate the power status of your electrical equipment while monitoring and managing electricity consumption throughout your factory.

Lighting systems can be fully automated, reducing the wastage of unnecessary energy from lights not being turned off.

Smart meters are another component which you can install and integrate with an IoT management system. Digitising your meter allows your business to identify inflated bills charged by your utility provider quicker. So, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

A smart energy meter can also provide additional insights into your business. Such as identifying specific departments which have the highest or lowest energy consumption. The results can include which specific electrical devices are consuming energy and at what times of the day this consumption occurs. Helping you make informed decisions on which areas of business can be optimised for energy saving.

A case for an IoT management System

When we look at the manufacturing process, an IoT management system can help your company achieve:

  • Improved Equipment Efficiency
  • Improved Production Output
  • Reduced Product Defects
  • Optimised Labour Utilisation

The management system provides facilities with usage data of machinery’s uptime and downtime. This information helps improve operational efficiencies by ensuring equipment availability. It also allows for the identification of any equipment issues, ensuring you are always running optimally.

Implementation of the Management Systems

With the implementation of any system, measuring key parameters is imperative. A successful energy monitoring project always starts with monitoring energy usage. Once you have identified the energy leaks, effective usage optimisation can occur.

Investing in and installing an IoT energy management system can reduce overall operational expenditure, but there are also other ways to improve energy efficiency within your company.

If you are serious about energy efficiency, you can also look at other avenues which may have a positive impact on your energy usage.

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