Abattoir in Gauteng 2019

In June 2019 we approached an Abattoir in the Gauteng region in order to assist them in reducing their electricity costs…Read More »

Poulty Farm

The supply transformer could not accommodate the additional load. Although this was a very successful farmer, the upgrade of his…Read More »

Car Component Manufacturer

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Steel Fabrication

This plant had a Power Factory Correction of 0,39. By installing a power factor correction system worth R235,000, we helped this customer reduce…Read More »

Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

This installation was done in 2010. We installed a 300 kvar Power Factor Correction Panel. The customer invested R150,000 in this project…Read More »

Mineral Processing Plant

This mineral plant approached us in early 2016. This plant had a Power Factor Correction of 0,76. By installing a Power Factor Correction System worth…Read More »

Chrome Mine

In early 2014, a successful chrome mine was exceeding the kVA rating of its supply transformers, by constantly expanding and adding more electrical…Read More »

Cool Drink Manufacturer

In 2008, a well-known cool drink manufacturer was experiencing production challenges with a new bottling line…Read More »

Abattoir in Gauteng

This large abattoir, which forms part of a large food processing company in South Africa, has an energy efficiency department which is…Read More »