A detailed analysis and energy audit report can help your business to drastically reduce its electricity consumption and costs by evaluating shortcomings and offering recommendations to guarantee monthly savings.

A professional and comprehensive electrical audit is the most credible source of energy information and a viable means to improve the efficiency of electrical installations. The adaptation of an audit helps to save on electrical costs, through the identification of energy efficiency interventions; such as the supply of power factor correction solutions. The report inspects and analyses the flow of power supplies, usually to account for the energy consumption in hospitals, factories, industrial warehousing, foundries, mills, mines etc.

The intention of the electrical audit is to optimise and where possible, reduce the amount of electrical energy across an industrial energy circuit, while keeping in mind to avoid compromising production output and ultimately, saving on electricity costs.

An electrical audit report detailing possible power solutions for factories includes details such as:

  • Summary

An audit summary; including the date, location and a quick glance at the estimated costs saving potential.

  • Operational Description

Describes the establishment’s operational purpose; what they do or produce, how many hours per day the plant operates for, and the type of machinery installed. This account will also detail any other energy saving solutions currently employed, as well as space restrictions, location information and building layouts.

  • Energy Consumption

Accounts for the actual energy consumption through detailing the demand factor, the load factor and the ratio between peak and average demand (calculated in kilowatts).

  • Base Load

Accounts for the electrical power needed to satisfy minimum demand (12-month view) and identifies any electrical consumption patterns that can be optimised.

  • Costs and Savings

Details energy patterns against costs to illustrate the monetary value of the current energy consumption. This will also detail the potential cost savings made and the return on investment (ROI) from the supply of power factor correction equipment.

Power solutions for factories are a critical success factor that has a direct impact on a plant’s financial viability and ROI. Electricity is no longer an easily accessible nor affordable resource, which is why establishing optimal energy efficiencies through findings detailed in an electrical audit report has a direct correlation to a business’s bottom line.

The efforts made in curbing leakages from total current/energy pulled from an electrical circuit plus the use of efficient equipment allows an organisation to benefit by way of:

  • Recovered profits
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Increased productivity and overall output
  • Reduction in apparent power (maximum demand)
  • Increased system capacity and less strain on the overall electrical supply
  • Reduced voltage drops on transformers and distribution networks
  • Fewer transmission losses

The supply of power factor correction is the active installation of power factor correction capacitors, correction controllers, harmonic filters and/or fixed capacitors that increase the ratio of active power to apparent power. With the appropriate installation of power factor equipment following a comprehensive electrical audit report, Alpha Power Solutions will assist in the management of your business’ power demand, profitability and improved electrical supply capacity.

With over 30 years’ experience in energy audit reporting and power factor correction installations, contact Alpha Power Solutions for customised power solutions for factories that ensure that monthly savings are achieved and the return on investment period is accurate and gainful.