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PFC Calculator a silver lining in the current energy crises

The PFC calculator provides South African businesses with some positivity. A specifically formulated calculation to determine how much you can save.

The current power supply is uncertain and unpredictable. Load shedding continues with only a few hours’ notice, and it moves from level 2 to 4 within minutes.

How can a business operate when precious hours are lost? When will we see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel?

IOL reported, “if the load shedding forecast is anything to go by, it is worth investing (if possible) in alternative sources of power to get you through load shedding.”

Many options provided, are helpful and affordable for home users, but what options are available for businesses? When you have to utilise large amounts of power to remain operational, who can you turn to?

Get “off the grid” Energy Management options

There are energy-saving alternatives that help businesses to get “off the grid” but these can cost millions. Alpha Power Solutions provides Power Factor Correction, a guaranteed energy-saving option for your business.

When you pair this with solar, the payback affords your business the choice of saving and staying operational.

With our knowledge and extensive database, in just about every industry, we can accurately determine how a PFC intervention can benefit your business. A preliminary investigation can be done without a site inspection.

All you need to do is let us know some basic information on your electricity bill. We will share with you, your potential savings, that’s our guarantee to you.

Our PFC calculator is based on a proven algorithm, devised to determine savings based on your monthly electricity expenditure, your specific industry and the utility company supplying power to your business. It’s available online for quick and easy access, and the results are instant.

All you need to add are 3 simple answers to get your savings estimate;

  1. Typical monthly spend?
  2. Which municipality bills you?
  3. What type of industry are you in?

You could be saving thousands each month which makes business sense. Based on the results we can work out how much you can save towards a cheaper solar solution.

Which industries benefit most?

It is a known fact that some industries will benefit more from Power Factor Correction than others. Alpha Power Solutions have devised three criteria to determine which sector, based on our extensive knowledge and industry experience,

  1. Businesses with many electrical motors that draw large amounts of power
  2. Businesses that are billed for their electrical demand
  3. Businesses with an electricity bill of over R30 000 a month

Should your business meet the above criteria, click our PFC calculator button on our website. Add value to your business and partner with Alpha Power Solutions.

We recently assisted a successful brick-making company in Gauteng, overloading their supply transformer and looking for a cost-effective solution. By installing a well-designed PFC system, we were able to improve the plant’s power factor from 0.58 to 0.99 and, in so doing, reduced their maximum demand by 40%.

The installation resulted in the below positive results to the business,

  • The transformer no longer being overloaded but also improved the low voltage conditions they were experiencing.
  • The client was able to add additional electrical equipment onto this transformer without having to incur the cost of a significant infrastructure upgrade.

Get a more affordable solution with a well-designed PFC system. We give you the best advice to ensure you don’t have to incur unnecessary costs. Alpha Power Solutions supply high-quality products sourced and vetted by our technical team and always ensure our customers receive superior customer service.

keep your lights on simultaneously with a PFC solution

“It’s about time businesses stop accepting ludicrous electricity tariff increases, not only from Eskom but more importantly, the municipalities, most of which use their electricity revenue as a cash cow to fund their corrupt activities,” says Eric.

Save on electricity costs and put your money into a more reliable and trustworthy investment. Re-invest savings back into your business for long term sustainability.

The cost of a PFC solution in comparison to the cost of closing your doors makes complete business sense. PFC provides businesses with the opportunity to grow and creates more job opportunities.

Here’s to 2022 and beyond. Let’s work together with the best and most affordable option for your business. “The risk of load shedding will remain”, stated Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter via TimesLive. Let’s laugh in the face of adversity.

Talk to YOUR experts & understand how PFC supports your business

With Business Tech reporting that “energy analysts warn the power situation could deteriorate further in the coming months”, businesses need to plan.

Take control, and don’t let power outage interruption disrupt your daily operations while heading into the new year. Seek alternative energy-saving solutions that you can now afford when investing with Alpha Power Solutions.

We are the leading and preferred Power Factor Correction solutions provider in South Africa.

Contact us today for a free site inspection. Get accurate investment and guaranteed saving determinations and have a more productive & profitable year.

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