Reduce Your Electrical Demand and Associated Costs by between 20% and 50%.

Reduce the energy demand in your business with:

  • Power Factor Correction
  • Harmonic Filtration

We have more than 35 years of experience in helping customers significantly reduce their power costs using our Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtration solutions.

Our solutions will significantly reduce your power costs.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

We assist you in optimising your power consumption for long-term cost reduction and profitability, with a 12-18 month investment payback period.

How it works
PFC equipment generates most of the reactive power your business consumes. As a result, the electrical demand on the grid and associated costs are reduced.

Benefits of PFC:

  • Lower electricity bills
  • Reduction in apparent power (also known as maximum demand)
  • Increased system capacity (free up capacity on your supply transformer)
  • Reduced voltage drop on the supply transformer and supply cables
  • Reduced transmission losses

I want to reduce my power/electricity expenditure

    Harmonic Filtration

    Excessive harmonic levels present in your electrical distribution system have the potential to affect all aspects of your electrical system, resulting in system faults. Harmonic filtration equipment reduces, or even eliminates, elevated harmonic levels. This results in an increased life span of your machinery and increases your power factor, which lowers your electricity costs.

    Typical failures as a result of elevated harmonics:

    • Premature failure of electrical and electronic equipment
    • Overheating cables, for no apparent reason
    • Malfunction of electrical protection equipment

    Why invest with Alpha Power Solutions?

    • We design solutions based on accurate electrical load profile information and, as a result, we can guarantee a monthly saving of between 10% and 25% on your electricity bill
    • Our equipment has a minimum life expectancy of 10 years
    • Our solutions are based on your exact requirements and we offer turnkey solutions
    • 12-month warranty/guarantee on all new equipment and repairs
    • We have all the required sophisticated test equipment and skilled engineers and technicians
    • Extended warranty upon request
    • Typical 12 – 18-month investment payback period
    • Service and repair of any brand of PFC equipment
    • Factory acceptance testing (FAT) done prior to delivery
    • Optional remote and automatic performance monitoring on any brand of PFC equipment
    • Minimal maintenance requirements

    Our Services

    Feasibility studies

    • Free pre-assessments for new installations on information provided
    • Detailed load profile analysis
    • ROI Estimates

    New installations

    • Turnkey installation of power factor correction and harmonic filtration equipment


    • We repair any brand of power factor correction equipment
    • We provide a thorough assessment of the defects found and provide you with options as well as cost comparisons between repairing and replacing or upgrading the equipment

    Services & Service Contracts

    • Ensure optimal ongoing equipment functionality
    • Includes maintenance of the power factor correction equipment installed by ourselves or by third parties

    PFC Remote Monitoring

    • Option to automatically monitor the performance of your PFC equipment
    • Receive immediate notification if a problem develops

    Electrical Power Quality Mitigation

    • Mitigation of elevated harmonic levels, voltage surges, voltage drops, transients, brown-outs, and black-outs
    • Supply, service & repair equipment

    Industries we serve

    AbattoirDairy products processingPaper & cardboard manufacturing
    BakeryData centrePaper & cardboard printing
    Brewery & cooldrink bottlerDistribution centrePaper mill (modern & traditional)
    Brick manufacturingFood processing plantPharmaceuticals manufacturing
    Cable manufacturingMetal fabricationPlastic recycling
    Cement product manufacturingMetal recyclingPlastics product manufacturing
    Chemical industryMilling (flour, animal feeds, etc)Saw milling and wood processing
    Chicken farming (industrial)Mineral processingStore retail (large)
    Cold storagePackaging manufacturing (metal)Tobacco product manufacturing
    Manufacturing (components & parts)Packaging manufacturing (paper & plastic)Warehousing (large)

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    I want to reduce my power/electricity expenditure