5 Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency Within Your Business

No matter your industry, finding different ways to improve energy efficiency within your business is crucial, in an economy where achieving the best net profit possible is always beneficial.

The concept of energy efficiency is relatively simple. It is reducing the amount of energy used to perform the same tasks or produce the same item. Doesn’t sound too hard, you’re right, it isn’t. Once you put these five practices into place, you will see the difference in your energy usage:

  • Peak Demand Management
  • Scheduled Demand Management
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Idle State Management
  • Energy Event Management

Many companies struggle to implement these processes and as a result, they jeopardise their sustainability. The overall effect of inadequate energy management systems is an increase in electrical costs and reduced net profits.

Harnessing the power provided to your plant in a better way allows you to do so.

You are looking at reducing your overall costs to increase your net profits.

Peak Demand Management

Designing electrical systems require the maximum expected demand to be kept in mind. For production to run optimally, the total energy required always needs to be available. Ideally, the generation of electricity must equal the rate of consumption, because the cost of storing electricity is high.

A definition of peak demand management can be: “any action that modifies the load profile to reduce peak demand. Leveling and optimizing the load factor of your plant as much as possible, improves the efficiency of the network.”

To provide the same useful effect of the electricity produced, one would modify the timing and amount of electricity consumed. Peak demand management influences the overall electricity demand, increasing the utilization and operating efficiency of existing supply facilities.

Scheduled Demand Management

Implementing scheduled demand management might require a shift in production times. This concept deals with when the electrical costs are at their highest and lowest at any given day. Ideally, you would want to schedule production during periods of low electrical cost. 

By avoiding energy consumption during peak times, your overall net profit will improve. This is due to not being charged for excessive energy usage during peak load conditions. It is imperative to understand when the best time is for your production needs.

Experts can analyze and advise on the best times to produce optimally while using electricity efficiently. Understanding the dynamics of your company will be beneficial to the adjustments. Each area will have times that differ, so scheduling your operations is imperative to improving your energy efficiency.

Idle State Management

Managing your equipment utilizations when idling, can decrease your electrical charges. Consumption of electricity still occurs when machines are idling. These idling machines contribute to your bill every month and are considered wasted energy.

Where possible, electrical equipment which is not being used, should be switched off and if this is not possible, adjustments should be made to the associated control equipment in order to minimize electrical consumption during idle periods

The results of reducing energy drawn while equipment is idling leads to a lower utility bill.

Power factor Correction

Power Factor correction equipment can provide the necessary reactive power to your motors instead of the municipality or utility. This process reduces the delivery of the overall power from the utility to your facility.

Power factor correction equipment can significantly reduce your electricity costs, especially if your plant is equipped with lots of motors

Energy Event Management

Improving your energy efficiency is not a once of event within your company. You need to monitor the performance of your production continuously. This gives you the ability to adjust and improve efficiency levels on an ongoing basis.

Energy event management deals with identifying process changes which results in excess energy consumption. Improving productivity while reducing consumption leads to the most efficient production process.

Because we understand that you are busy with other important aspects of running your operations, our experts can provide you with the information you need, to give you the best results.

Although many companies don’t see energy efficiency as a viable option, achieving the benefits can significantly help your company perform better, making the expansion into other revenue streams possible.

Take the first steps with an energy efficiency inspection. Allowing for the identification of ways to improve energy efficiency within your company. Alpha Power solutions will be there every step of the way to help guide you through each process.

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