Save electricity costs with power factor correction

Did you know?

We monitor PFC equipment remotely through our Power Factor Correction Maintenance & services packages, and offer training for your maintenance personnel.

To determine whether you need power factor correction repairs or replacement, complete the enquiry form to request a free assessment of your power factor equipment; or to speak to one of our specialists about Power Factor Correction (PFC) for your business.

Alpha Power Solutions is able to repair any brand of power factor correction equipment.

In some instances it might be more financially viable in the long run to rather replace your power factor correction panel than to repair it. Whatever the cause, our specialist team is equipped to do a thorough assessment of the damage and provide you with options as well as cost comparisons, pros and cons to repairing versus replacing your panel.

What causes damage to Power Factor Correction (PFC) Equipment?

  1. Over-heated connections
  2. Failed capacitators
  3. Faulty contactors
  4. Dust or water ingress to the panels or controllers
  5. Simply as a result of general wear and tear

Power Factor Correction Services offered by Alpha Power Solutions:

  1. Testing
  2. Repairs
  3. Maintenance
  4. Servicing
  5. Installation

Whether you need power factor correction maintenance or replacement, our service engineers have the skills to ensure that your power systems are reliable, while operating at optimal capacity.

Power Factor Correction repairs at Alpha Power Solutions
Power Factor Correction repairs at Alpha Power
Power factor correction repairs at Alpha Power Solutions
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