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Did you know?

Harmonic filtrating benefits are not limited to preventing equipment failure, burnout or accommodating industry standards. It also plays a major role in the improvement of your overall power factor.

Harmonics can be a silent killer causing malfunction, shutdown and premature failure due to poor harmonic filtration.

Through the use of a Harmonic filter you can eliminate distortion caused by appliances. Continuous multiples of currents and voltages of the fundamental frequency of 60 Hz such as 120 Hz (harmonic number 2) and harmonic number 5 300 Hz cause harmonic filtration.

Harmonics may affect specific points or virtually all aspects of your electrical system, including lowering your power factor, which raises your electricity costs.

Major Contributors to harmonics

  1. Electronically controlled equipment found in your electrical system
  2. Multiple electronic devices connected to your system

The nature of such electronics causes extremely quick pulses, creating a sine wave that becomes non-linear in shape. The end result affects the operation and longevity of your inter-connected systems and equipment.

How do you get rid of harmonics?

One preferred method is to filter them out of your electrical system. Most filters will eliminate some harmonics, but not all. Alpha Power Solutions has, when necessary, harmonic filters built into their Power Factor Correction equipment. We can also supply and install active and passive harmonic filters when it is deemed necessary, following a detailed analysis of your network.

Alpha Power Solutions can supply & install active and passive harmonic filters to reduce harmonics. Contact us for an analysis of your harmonics today.