Power Factor Correction Service with Alpha Power Solutions

Beat the 2021 Electricity increase with a Power Correction Service

The 2021 tariff increase is 300% higher than the inflation rate! How can businesses save? We are all feeling the pinch, so we want to share tips on how to beat the increase. Introducing our power factor correction service for all PFC equipment, regardless of the make.

It is a little-known fact that Power factor correction will significantly reduce your monthly electricity costs. By managing your power demand & investing in a PFC service, Alpha Power Solutions helps your business ensure:

  1. Longevity for your PFC equipment
  2. Reduced operational costs to run
  3. Measurable long-term profitability

Power Factor Correction is one of the “low hanging fruit” technologies and should be at the top of your priority list when looking to beat the impact of both Eskom’s and the municipalities prices hikes to your business.

Don’t let the annual increase of the cost of power impact the profitability of your business.

The impact of PFC equipment on your business and its long-term profitability is very clear. Municipalities will charge most businesses for their power peak usage. To reduce your electricity costs monthly, you should look for an improved power factor to lower your power demand.

It makes business sense to get a detailed analysis of your energy usage and highlight the wastage to identify the “quick win” opportunities to optimise your power usage for long-term savings.

Through the supply, installation and servicing of power factor correction and harmonics filtration equipment our clients can be assured that the equipment reaches its minimum life expectancy of 10 years.

We supply and install the most sophisticated and reliable equipment based on your unique requirements. Alpha Power Solutions ensures measurable savings; with a power factor correction service, why not reach out to our skilled engineers to see how you can beat the increase?

Critical items to ensure the long-term longevity of the equipment and associated savings.

The servicing of PFC equipment demands that regular and routine maintenance procedures are followed. These include cleaning, testing, IR scanning, verification of electrical connection integrity and other important maintenance items.

Do not underestimate the importance of inspections of your electrical installations to determine your exact PFC requirements. This allows our experts to assess the installation constraints and accurately calculate the investment required.

The return on investment of the power factor correction solution on offer, is usually between 12 and 18 months. In fact, looking at the past 2 years, our clients have made collective savings of R10 Million per month!

In scheduling a thorough PFC service, you can take advantage of real benefits to help keep your doors open. Enquire about our Power Factor Correction service, and ensure your equipment reaches its minimum life expectancy while reaping the benefits of monthly savings.

Power Factor Correction Equipment. Alpha Power is all about results.

Our knowledge and experience within the PFC industry means when we supply PFC equipment, you are assured exceptional quality while complying with the strictest safety guidelines. Why Alpha Power Solutions?

  1. We offer turnkey PFC installation depending on what your specific requirements are
  2. We can service and repair any make of power factor correction equipment.
  3. We offer inspections as well as service contracts to maximise your monthly savings

We have highly skilled engineers & excellent customer service to assist you with keeping your PFC equipment in optimal condition. We always have your best interests at heart that is why our inspections have a 12 month guarantee on our products, including,

  1. Service contracts & aftermarket service on equipment
  2. Assembly of equipment & spare parts for equipment
  3. Training on equipment where required

Why not work out your required investment to join our clients in monthly savings by using our Power Factor Correction Calculator from the comfort of your home or office today!

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