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It is important to note that the improvement of low power systems, is achieved through the installation of Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment which results in the increase of the ratio of active power to apparent power.

Considering all the knowledge we have about Power Factor Correction (PFC), let’s look at the equipment Alpha Power Solutions uses on their Power Factor Correction devices.

Capacitors of inferior quality can be a severe fire hazard? These fires are difficult to extinguish and can result in complete substations burning down

Where does Alpha Power Solutions source their equipment?

  • All our equipment comes from Europe as a finished product. All systems are tested in Belgium before shipping to South Africa.
  • Alpha Power Solutions stock a large quantity of finished and semi-finished modular power factor correction systems as well as spare components, in South Africa.
  • Any non-standard systems can be brought into the country within 1 to 2 weeks (air freight) or 6 to 8 weeks (sea freight), from receipt of order. 

Does Power Factor Correction equipment generate harmonics?

Power factor correction equipment does not generate harmonics but it can amplify existing harmonics present in a network, which will affect sensitive electronic equipment in its vicinity. It is therefore recommended that harmonic blocking reactors be fitted in series with capacitor banks when existing harmonic levels are elevated. The blocking reactors prevent the harmonics from reaching the capacitors and can therefore not be amplified by them. 

Does Alpha Power Solutions service and repair power factor correction equipment manufactured by its competitors?

We can service and repair any make of power factor correction equipment. 

What kind of Capacitors does Alpha Power Solutions install?

For the most reliable Power Factor Correction Unit, contact Alpha Power Solutions. Our capacitors are made out of polypropylene film which is a thin layer of aluminium sprayed with zinc alloy and they are PCB free. Should there be a breakthrough, the polypropylene film is self-healing, resulting in very limited loss of capacitance.

Our Power Factor Capacitors won’t catch fire. Guaranteed.

Alpha Power Solutions takes full responsibility for the equipment they install, and you and your organisation can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your supplier will always be available should an emergency arise. Fill in the enquiry form and we will be at your service.

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