Fixed Capacitors

The fixed capacitors supplied by Alpha Power Solutions are designed for performance and longevity.

The rated voltage is of utmost importance. It is our goal to provide you with all the necessary information to assist you with the selection of power factor correction equipment which will suite your current and future requirements.

  • Large flexibility in terms of electrical connections (available space for the electrical connections and retrofitting into existing installations).
  • Modular three phase capacitors have been designed for easy and quick assembly into bank arrangements
  • IP 40 steel casings allow optimum heat dissipation and the protective cap is manufactured from self-extinguishing insulation material
  • These capacitors comply with the following Standards: CEI 33-5/670, CEI EN 60 831 1 & 2, UL 810, IEC 831-1-2. Compliance to these standards ensures that Quality is Guaranteed.

Our Fixed Capacitors have been designed for easy and quick assembly.